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Welcome and opening remarks from the Chair

Julian Wells, Director, Whitecap Consulting

Keynote: From the dishwasher to the smart phone to Open Banking

Former MD at Google, Dan will offer delegates a unique insight into the Open Banking landscape, whilst offering his view on the adoption of technology innovations, from the dishwasher to the smart phone to Open Banking.

Dan Cobley, Former Managing Director, Google UK and Ireland, Managing Partner, Fintech, Blenheim Chalcot.

Open Banking – The next revolution or a damp squib?

Open Banking Expo opens the day with a c-level panel debate incorporating incumbent bank Lloyds and challenger bank Tandem, alongside key stakeholders in the Open Banking revolution, to slice and dice where we are now, where it is going and if it is truly the sea change the hype has led us to believe.

  • What changes – positive and negative – have we seen in response of the CMA Open Banking initiative?
  • What does the ‘perfect’ customer experience look and feel like?
  • How do we increase consumer adoption rates here in the UK?
  • Where are the opportunities both here in the UK and globally?
  • How can FinTechs enhance the Open Banking offering for both incumbent and challenger institutions?
  • How is data being used to drive positive customer outcomes?
  • Plus your questions from the floor

Panel chaired by Olly Betts, CEO, OpenWrks

Mike Haley, Chief Executive Officer, CIFAS
Imran Gulamhuseinwala OBE, Trustee, Open Banking Implementation Entity
Ireti Samuel-Ogbu, EMEA Head Payments and Receivables, Treasury and Trade Solutions, Citibank
Lana Tahirly Abdullayeva, Director, Open Banking and PSD2, Lloyds Banking Group
Becky Moffat, Head of Personal Banking, HSBC UK
Paul Clark, Chief Technology Officer, Tandem Bank

Making Open Banking work – From hype to prototype

OpenWrks are a Fintech leading the charge in the Open Banking ecosystem, but Founder and CEO Olly Betts believes consumers will never buy Open Banking. Hear his thoughts on what needs to happen in financial services to realise the true benefit of Open Banking for real people and how businesses from any part of the industry can quickly and easily test and validate their own customer focused solutions powered by Open Banking APIs.”

Olly Betts, Chief Executive Officer, OpenWrks

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Main plenary stage

Headline Partner

Enhancing Decisions in Partnership with

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The Future of
Open Banking Debate

Join our financial journalist, who will moderate initimate roundtable sessions on hot Open Banking topics. Seats are limited and must be pre-booked


Global spotlight – Developing a global Open Banking standard

Open Banking is at different stages of the ‘disruption cycle’ in different markets, and everyone is looking to the UK for the first successes, case studies and pitfalls to avoid. This session will share best practice findings from across markets and explore the initiatives set in motion to converge on a global standard.

  • What are the global developments in the PSD2 & Open Banking landscape?
  • A look ahead to the future – what will the Open Banking space look like in 2025?
  • Emerging markets – which region is next to take up Open Banking and how far along are they?
  • Does Open Banking present new opportunities for UK lenders to move into new markets?
Bill Roberts, Head of Open Banking, Competition & Markets Authority
Carlos Figueredo, Chief Executive Officer, Open Vector
Claudia Del Pozo, Head of Operations, C-Minds, Mexico
Liz Oakes, Expert Associate Partner, Global Payments Practice, McKinsey & Co.

Introduction from the Chair


Robbing the bank of the future

This interactive session has audience participation at its core! Led my the senior leadership team at Deloitte, Adam and Stephen will provide high level insight on:

  • Attacking a bank – what does ‘theft’ mean in an open system
  • Attacking the customers – constantly connected, continually compromised
  • Attacking the chain – weakening trust in the ecosystem
Stephen Bonner, Partner, Deloitte
Adam McElroy, Director, Deloitte

Lessons learned from the UK implementation of PSD2

In this round table discussion co-hosted by our partner Fiserv, we look at lessons learned so far from the UK implementation of PSD2 regulations and OBIE standards.  We consider progress to date, where we are now on the roadmap to compliance, the differing interpretations and solutions being delivered, and what more needs to be done to take full advantage of opportunities that Open Banking should provide.


Co-hosted by Fiserv

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Harnessing Open Banking to help vulnerable customers

The most vulnerable customers may spend hours providing income and expenditure (I&E) information to a multitude of creditors. Open Banking can reduce this stress as it makes it fast, simple and secure for customers to provide full I&E information direct into your business without the need for long, intrusive phone calls or requests for further information.

  • How can regulators, associations and Open Banking pioneers create a positive Open Banking ecosystem?
  • Managing data portfolios within the new regulatory framework
  • Is Open Banking key to your collections strategy?
  • How can new Open Banking regulation support financial wellbeing?


Faith Reynolds, , Independent Consumer Finance Expert and Financial Services Consumer Panel
Joanna Elson OBE, Chief Executive Officer, Money Advice Trust
Katie Evans, Head of Research and Policy , Money and Mental Health Charity
Chris Pond, Chair, Lending Standards Board

Leveraging Open Banking to build the Smart Money Platform

Key technology at the heart of Customer Experience success- how to harness future technology and help more people unthink money & get more out of life.

Session delivered by Open Banking pioneer and thought leader:

Leon Muis, Chief Operating Officer, Yolt

What are the challenges and considerations to developing a successful Open Banking strategy?

What should an organisation consider when developing its approach to Open Banking and why should the traditional banks be worried?

Various studies have suggested Open Banking with drive innovation across the sector.  How do you see this working?

How can you make open banking work for an organisation what are the steps I need to take.  Given how your Technology stack will be with multiple vendors?

Finally, many people in the room are either starting or about to develop their own strategy for Open Banking.  What should be the areas they should consider when working through their own approach?

Co-hosted by Unisys

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Partner insight – Open Banking in credit referencing

Transunion, formerly Callcredit, the UK’s fastest growing and second largest consumer data agency, will explore the use case of Open Banking in the increasingly regulated lending industry.

  • How Open Banking might change the affordability and credit reference landscape
  • What does this mean for consumers?
  • The power of Open Banking data insight
David Firth, Head of Product, Open Banking , TransUnion, formerly Callcredit

Strong Customer Authentication: frictionless security to drive adoption of Open Banking

Trusona is contracted to Open Banking UK Limited (OBIE) to deliver the reference architecture (Model Bank) for bank authentication that will be used by Third Party Providers (TPPs:  FinTechs) to authenticate customers and authorise account sharing and payments. Trusona will demonstrate these authentication processes and customer journeys using the Open Banking ‘Model Bank’ deployment and help de-mystify what is required to comply with PSD2 SCA, whilst delivering great customer experiences.

Olly Brough, Managing Director, EMEA, Trusona

From the horse’s mouth: A true case study from First Direct

Director at First Direct, Nicholas Harrison, will provide an indepth insight into the First Direct Open Banking market place proposition, called Artha. Part of the FCA sandbox in tandem with fintech, Bud, this will be a highly engaging data driven session around the impact on the customer and overall customer experience.

Nick Harrison, Director, First Direct


Networking Lunch


CEO spotlight – Fireside chat with a digital banking trailblazer

Anne Boden, Chief Executive Officer at Starling Bank, is a well-known pioneer of the digital banking phenomenon; her bank just won Best British Bank and Best Current Account Provider at the 2018 Best Bank Awards. In our special “fireside” chat, we will ask Anne to reveal her vision for Open Banking and offer delegates some key takeaways on where the real opportunities exist, how customer expectations will change in the short, medium and long team, and what the banking landscape might look like for the next generation.

Anne Boden, Chief Executive Officer, Starling Bank

Reinventing the customer relationship through Open Banking

  • Turning today’s world of data into tomorrow’s world of intelligence
  • How affordability can become more accurate and more inclusive – helping you reach more, engage more and connect more with customers and SMEs
  • How AI can transform bank account data into knowledge at speed, and scale
  • How can the growth in data fuel insight for value-added services that is far beyond a single decision?
Rob Haslingden, Head of Propositions, Credit Services, Experian UK&I

Open Banking – the journey towards mainstream adoption

Early adopters are already reaping the benefits of Open Banking, thanks to the enhanced level of data which provides a more detailed and holistic view of a consumer’s financial situation, ensuring responsible lending whilst also delivering a smoother customer journey. Yet, many businesses are still unaware of the benefits. In this debate hosted by TransUnion – the UK’s second largest credit reference agency – we’ll be examining how Open Banking is helping to address affordability and credit risk within the lending sector and looking at the transformation that lies ahead as it becomes the new norm.


Co-hosted by TransUnion


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SME spotlight – Accelerating growth via Open Banking

Open banking is set to have a major impact on the SME financing sector, opening new ways for small firms to connect to innovative fintech services. The options will be welcome: balancing cashflow and ensuring sufficient financial flexibility at all times is one of the biggest headaches for small and medium-sized enterprises. Our panel will consider:

  • What are the business opportunities for the SME market?
  • The challenges and hurdles that need to be overcome to maximise adoption rates
  • What can businesses learn from Open Banking implementation in the consumer space?
  • How to execute a revolutionary PR campaign to ease fears and promote positive user cases
Conrad Ford, Chief Executive Officer, Funding Options
Rob Straathof, Chief Executive Officer, Liberis
Roger Vincent, Chief Innovation Officer, Trade Ledger

Three different perspectives on the future of Open Banking

Three different perspectives on how and why Open Banking will revolutionise the global financial services market forever and the key drivers for success. In this highly engaging session there are NO slides, NO PowerPoint presentations, Just three unique market perspectives.

Yvonne Dunn, Partner, Pinsent Masons
Adédèjì Ọlọ́wẹ̀, Trustee, Open Banking Nigeria
Matt Cox, Head of Open Banking, Nationwide


Banking innovation – Artificial intelligence and machine learning in Open Banking

We welcome Tandem’s Chief Technology Officer, Paul Clark to explore how artificial intelligence and machine learning can support Open Banking. As another digital banking pioneer, Paul is well-equipped to take you on a journey into the future. By the time you leave, you will understand:

  • What do we mean when we talk about AI & ML?
  • The importance of data
  • Getting the right models
  • The dangers of ML
  • Solving problems not selling products
Paul Clark, Chief Technology Officer, Tandem Bank

Open Banking: strategic considerations of Lloyds Banking Group

Open Banking provides the building blocks of a connected digital economy through a set of standards and regulations. It aims to shift the focus of the financial industry from building utility services to enabling seamless customer experiences. In this talk, we will reflect on the Open Banking journey of Lloyds Banking Group, where we’ll discuss strategic opportunities and challenges, offer insight into our first experiences with fintechs and share the Group’s vision of Helping Britain Prosper through Open Banking.

Irina Tysganok, Open Banking Engineering Lead, Lloyds Banking Group

Will PSD2 compliant strong customer authentication ensure or prevent a great customer experience?

The PSD2 RTS defines the technical requirements of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) but does not address the end user impact. To address this, UK Open Banking have released a set of detailed customer experience guidelines for authentication journeys but banks will have the final word on implementation.

Trusona will lead this discussion and bring their experience in delivering frictionless multi-factor authentication solutions.

Co-hosted by Trusona

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Partner insight – Open Banking for customer-centric risk

James Varga, CEO & Founder, The ID Co.

Champagne Keynote Address- A banking world with Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple

Open Banking thought-leader, Dr Louise Beaumont, will take a futuristic look at the world if the likes of Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple were to make a serious play for the banking market. Sit back and relax with your glass of bubbles whilst Louise takes you on that journey.

Dr. Louise Beaumont, Co-Chair, Open Banking & Payments Working Group, techUK

Closing remarks from the chair


Networking drinks reception to close the event