Open Banking Expo Europe

Amsterdam, 4 October 2019

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Open Banking’s EU roll out

As the European financial services sector prepares to roll out the PSD2 directive, Open Banking Expo Europe offers an incisive day of engaging panels, not-to-be missed interviews, and the first Open Banking case studies. From the wider impact of Open Banking and APIs, to the unchartered waters of unlocking customer data, our deep dive agenda will give you all you need to harness the opportunities Open Banking presents.

Friday 4 October - Novotel Convention Centre, Amsterdam

Why attend?

Europe’s largest marketplace for ideas, connections and deals in Open Banking

15+ hours of unique content tackling the most disruptive and trailblazing topics, trends and taboos

Harness the advice and vision of the pioneers of Open Banking & PSD2

Exchange views with fellow peers grappling with the new challenges Open Banking presents

Witness engaging panels, not-to-be missed interviews, and learn from the first Open Banking case studies

Safeguard your organisation under the spotlight of data protection and privacy regulations

Grasp the real opportunities Open Banking presents, and side-step the pitfalls

Access to the most promising fintechs, entrepreneurs and innovators in the Open Banking space

7+ hours of dedicated networking time with the most exciting people in the industry

“When we first heard the phrase Open Banking we all worried about how it would work and the safety of opening up our data for other organisations. Open Banking Expo is all about talking about Open Banking, becoming comfortable with it and planning for the future.”

Anne Boden, Chief Executive Officer, Starling Bank

Lana Abdullayeva

Lana Tahirly Abdullayeva

Ruta Merkeviciute

Rūta Merkevičiūtė

Juan Mendoza

Juan Mendoza

Mark Buitenhek

Mark Buitenhek

Maja Gostovic

Maja Gostovic

Wijnand Machielse

Wijnand Machielse

Jacques Putz

Jacques Putz

Mike Felten

Leon Muis

Ali Niknam

Ali Niknam

Javier Orejas

Javier Orejas Saldaña

Todd Clyde

Todd Clyde

Paul Meadowcroft

Maciej Kostro

Maciej Kostro

Herve Robache

Herve Robache

Piet Mallekoote

Piet Mallekoote

Carlos López-Moctezuma

Carlos López-Moctezuma

Imran Gulamhuseinwala

Imran Gulamhuseinwala

Philippe Rousseau

Soeren Rode Andreasen

Søren Rode Andreasen






Managing Director, Accenture


Innovating the customer proposition in Open Banking

As PSD2 implementation ramps up, Alexander will share his perspective on Open Banking in practice; what can customers expect? What will be the roadmap for banking and fintech to meet these expectations? And what are the challenges which still need to be overcome? Alexander will dig into these questions and share first-hand experience of how Rabobank is currently working with its partners to innovate for its customers – from startups to tech giants. In collaboration with these partners Rabobank constantly upgrades its banking app for more financial insight. And Rabobank also explores new services in adjacent markets, like identity management, lending facilities and investor apps. In the search for meaningful innovation, collaboration across traditional borders is key to delivering for customers and society alike.

Digital Platforms Lead, Digital Transformation Office, Rabobank


Driving forward the Open Banking revolution

With PSD2 going live just a fortnight before, we will open with a C-level panel debate incorporating incumbent and challenger banks, alongside key stakeholders in the Open Banking revolution. Open Banking is at different stages of the ‘disruption cycle’ in different markets, with the UK leading in Europe. This session will share best practice from across markets, and especially the UK, and explore the initiatives to converge on a global standard.

  • How do we increase consumer adoption rates in Europe?
  • Where are the opportunities both in Europe and globally?
  • How can fintechs enhance the Open Banking offering for both incumbent and challenger institutions?
  • How is data being used to drive positive customer outcomes?
  • What are the global developments in the PSD2 & Open Banking landscape?
  • A look ahead to the future – what will the Open Banking space look like in 2025?
  • Emerging markets – which region is next to take up Open Banking and how far along are they?
  • Does Open Banking present new opportunities for lenders to move into new markets?
Soeren Rode Andreasen
Chief Digital Officer, Danske Bank
Piet Mallekoote
Chief Executive Officer, Dutch Payments Association
Lana Abdullayeva
Payments Innovation & Policy Director, Group Chief Information Officer, Lloyds Banking Group
Head of Commercial, Klarna Bank
Franziska Zangl
Director , NDGIT

Driving revenue opportunities across the Open Banking ecosystem

Not many firms can walk the walk, but Token has been making waves across Europe helping financial institutions ready themselves for a world of Open Banking possibilities.

In this session, Token’s Chief Operations Officer will reveal:

  • Latest research results showcasing current state of pan-European bank readiness and continued API fragmentation
  • Fundamental improvements required to remove constraints and drive progress
  • New use cases today delivering real cost savings and operational efficiencies
  • Next wave of breakthrough customer-centric open banking payment propositions
Todd Clyde
Chief Operating Officer, Token




PSD2 Open Banking API standards

Can Open Banking ever really take off with more than one standard?

Imran Gulamhuseinwala
Trustee, Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE)
Herve Robache
PSD2 API Coordinator, STET
Maciej Kostro
Board Advisor, Polish Bank Association & Leader, PolishAPI
Chief Product Officer, Konsentus
Wijnand Machielse
European Markets Director, The Berlin Group

From 3 weeks to 3 days: How Open Banking’s arrival is removing consumer friction in credit application across Europe

Open Banking and PSD2 are transforming the nature of the data available to organisations. Transactional data (along with other non-traditional data sets) is becoming critical to organisations’ ability to build differentiated value propositions that attract and retain more customers. But what are the technological innovations that transform all of this data into rich behavioural insights that are actionable, streamlined, and client-centric? Pier Paolo Borgia, Director Products and Propositions EMEA, will share the latest approaches towards accelerating the data to insight to action cycle, and to support compelling customer propositions.

Pier Paolo Borgia
Director Products and Propositions EMEA, Experian

IATA: A case study

  • What’s the prevailing Open Banking development strategy?
  • Designing the operating model
  • Management of third-party interactions
  • Compliance and security considerations
Javier Orejas
Head, Banking Services EMEA & the Americas, Global Delivery Centre, International Air Transport Association (IATA)





Reaping the benefits of Open Banking: how to deliver customer value in a data-democratised world

With Open Banking giving customers ownership and control of their data, what does this mean for the ways banking works, and how can this drive customer-centred innovation in banking products? Tink will give hands on examples of how to gain customer loyalty by reaping the democratisation of financial data.

Product Director, Tink

NextGenPSD2 Framework in a pan-European PSD2 Account Access context

  • Background, rationale and benefits of NextGenPSD2
  • Challenges faced and overcome
  • Implementation progress and future evolution
Wijnand Machielse
European Markets Director, The Berlin Group


How SMEs can accelerate growth and opportunity through Open Banking

Open Banking is set to have a major impact on the SME financing sector, opening new ways for small firms to connect to innovative fintech services. The options will be welcome: balancing cashflow and ensuring sufficient financial flexibility at all times is one of the biggest headaches for small and medium-sized enterprises. Our panel will consider:

  • What are the business opportunities for the SME market?
  • The challenges and hurdles that need to be overcome to maximise adoption rates
  • What can businesses learn from Open Banking implementation in the consumer space?
  • Payment Initiation Service (PIS) – the opportunity for SMEs to save money on payment approaches
  • How to execute a revolutionary PR campaign to ease fears and promote positive user cases.
Matt Cockayne
Chief Revenue Officer, Yapily
Juan Mendoza
Head of Product Management, Fidor Solutions
Head of Business Development, Open Bank Project

Exploring a new Open Banking concept: Integrating banking and fintech

  • The importance of partnership strengthening between banks and third parties
  • Why is partnership a new competency?
  • How do we do it in George? Introducing the plug-ins concept
  • Integration models
  • Contractual onboarding
Maja Gostovic
Product Owner, George Labs, Innovation Hub, Erste Group

CEO spotlight: Fireside chat with a digital banking trailblazer

To Ali, it felt like his social duty to create and invest in a bank with a community of loyal customers. A bank that values transparency and innovation and that people actually want to be a part of.  That’s why in 2012 he founded bunq, the only European challenger bank that is completely self-funded. This trailblazing session will put the bunq head under the spotlight.

Ali Niknam
Founder & Chief Executive Officer, bunq

The role of the central bank in driving forward Open Banking: the Bank of Lithuania experience

  • What can central banks do to accelerate adoption?
  • Managing the ecosystem of incumbents, challengers, TTPs and API developers
  • Exploring how data held by the Bank of Lithuania can be opened up and shared
Ruta Merkeviciute
Head of Division, E-Money & Payments Institutions Supervision, Bank of Lithuania




Fortuna Banque’s PSD2 Adventure

Fortuna Banque will celebrate its 100 year anniversary in 2020, but has undertaken a process of intensive modernisation and digitisation in the last four years.  Working with the LuxHub service platform, it is moving towards compliance with the PSD2 Directive and standards.  This session will explore the journey they have been on, demonstrate compliance challenges and solutions, and share some early learnings.

Director, Fortuna Banque
Jacques Putz
Chief Executive Officer, LuxHub


Yolt’s journey into Open Banking and PSD2

As leaders in Open Banking, CBO Leon Muis will share Yolt’s experience over the first 19 months since the launch of Open Banking; from the good, the bad to the challenging. It’s also a chance to look at how Yolt have built their smart money platform and what comes next: collaboration between Fintechs and banks, consumer empowerment and more. Leon will share views on unlocking the power of open banking, and what’s to come in the very near future.

Chief Business Officer, Yolt


Building an innovative ecosystem

Financial services providers must innovate to remain relevant. But with an explosive growth in fintech parties and the emergence of Open Banking, nobody can do that alone anymore. What does an innovative ecosystem of traditional payment providers and fintechs look like, what are successful examples and what is everyone’s role in the chain?

Mark Buitenhek
Global Head of Transaction Services, ING

Closing Champagne Keynote: Moving forward with an Open Banking product roadmap

BBVA is a true pioneer of Open Banking; it was one of the first major banks in the world to deliver Open Banking way back in May 2017. The launch of BBVA API Market came after the Spanish bank spent more than a year working with developers and businesses to optimise the way the Open API service would be delivered.

We are delighted to welcome its Global Head of Open Banking to share his unparalleled expertise, keys to success, and lessons from failures.

Carlos López-Moctezuma
Global Head of Open Banking, BBVA


Delegates will attend from:

Incumbent banks

Challenger banks

P2P lenders

Cards & payments providers

Alternative lenders



Credit management firms

Utilities & Telecoms providers

Professional services

Industry regulators

Credit reference agencies


Law Firms

API platforms / service providers

The format


In these fast-paced sessions the Chair fires questions at panellists to dive deep into the issues and expose differing views.


Designed for open and intimate discussions, the Roundtable groups led by a moderator will encourage open and frank discussions on the subject matter.


In a unique setting delegates share real issues they face, whilst putting their challenges to the line-up of speakers to spark debate, offer insight and gather industry views and opinion to take their Open Banking strategy to the next level.


These short sessions are led by solution providers who present a product, solution or the latest tech developments that could one day form part of your Open Banking strategy.

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Novotel Convention Centre

Europaboulevard 10, 1083 AD Amsterdam, Netherlands