Open Banking – The next revolution?

Open Banking Expo opens the day with a C-level panel debate incorporating incumbent banks Lloyds Banking Group and HSBC, and challenger bank Tandem, alongside key stakeholders in the Open Banking marketplace, to slice and dice where we are now, where Open Banking is going and if it is truly the sea change the hype has led us to believe.

  • What changes – positive and negative – have we seen in response of the CMA Open Banking initiative?
  • What does the ‘perfect’ customer experience look and feel like?
  • How do we increase consumer adoption rates here in the UK?
  • Where are the opportunities both here in the UK and globally?
  • How can fintechs enhance the Open Banking offering for both incumbent and challenger institutions?
  • How is data being used to drive positive customer outcomes?

Panel chaired by Olly Betts, Chief Executive Officer, OpenWrks