Paul Clark

Chief Technology Officer Tandem Bank

Paul is Tandem’s Chief Technology Officer and is both an expert in all things technical and a great communicator.

An Innovator from the start

Paul Clarke’s interest in tech was first sparked when he got his first computer when he was 11 years old. He studied Business Studies as an undergraduate then Computer Science for an M.Sc..

He’s been involved with digital and the internet since 1999 when he worked for a digital marketing brand company in Soho, building Web 1.0 sites for big brands taking their first steps onto the internet.

Since then Paul has worked for the BBC, Channel 4, and ITV on their video on demand platforms.


In 2014, Tandem was born. Built with over 11,000 co-founders, Tandem is a digital-only bank that partners with its customers to build a good bank from scratch that meets the needs of their everyday lives. By making money when its customers do, Tandem is focused on honest, fair and ethical banking. Tandem acquired Harrods Bank in January and became one of the UK’s leading challenger banks overnight.  Paul has been instrumental in shaping Tandem’s offering and guiding the bank in terms of both innovation and data protection.

What can Paul bring to The Open Banking Expo?

An undoubtedly intelligent and charismatic spokesman and panellist, Paul can deliver his vast knowledge of what it takes to create and protect a leading FinTech business. From Open Banking, data protection, to all things fintech, Paul will be able to provide a fascinating insight into how Open Banking will affect the banking industry.

In a world that is forever changing, let Paul Clarke be your guide to reinvention and innovation.

Paul Clark


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