Mark McMurtrie

Director Payments Consultancy

Mark McMurtrie is an Independent Consultant who focuses on Payments and FinTech. He advises financial services companies, banks, acquirers, payment service providers, technology companies, retailers and hospitality providers, plus investors. He has won FinTech Adviser and Management Consultant awards in 2018 and 2019. He has worked with many of the world’s leading companies including the largest banks, acquirers, payment schemes, retailers, eCommerce merchants, hospitality providers and technology providers. For the last 8 years he has been providing a range of high level payment advisory services focusing on strategy development, market assessments, regulatory compliance, supplier selection, competitive analysis investment support including commercial due diligence.

His payments experience is broad and covers bank, instant payments, mobile payment, open banking and card payments. Mark is a regular industry commentator, conference chairman and speaker. He acts as a judge for the emerging payments, merchant payments ecosystem and FSTech Payments awards. He is proud to be an Ambassador for the Emerging Payments Association and member of the Vendorcom payments community.

During his 25-year career he has travelled to 60+ countries, promoting the latest payment technologies and successful launched many payment products and a payment service provider. A key strength of his is the ability to quickly identify and clearly communicate the business benefits of new technologies, solutions and services.

Prior to starting Payments Consultancy Ltd, Mark held senior executive management positions at leading international payment solution providers including Verifone (helping found this company), Postilion (now part of ACI Worldwide), The Logic Group (now part of Barclaycard), NCR and Hypercom (now part of Verifone).

Mark McMurtrie


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