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LIVE PANEL DEBATE - Thursday 27 Jan 2022, 10:00 GMT

The Cloud and Open Banking: Redefining what’s possible in banking

  • Why cloud is essential for Open Banking
  • The cloud value driver – banking challenges that are able to be solved using the cloud
  • Legacy modernisation and cloud migration – getting greater value from legacy assets while transitioning to a cloud-native setup – what to prioritise when it comes to open banking?
  • Expanding the capability landscape for open banking through cloud adoption, cross-industry ecosystems and Open API powered platforms
  • Identifying new revenue opportunities in the open banking ecosystem – what new value and growth does cloud enable? From data monetisation to commercialising open APIs and beyond
  • Perspectives on the road to open finance – building the digital marketplace of tomorrow with TPPs, and slick integration to create personalised omni-channel experiences that drives consumer engagement

Speakers include

Ellie Duncan

Ellie Duncan

Karthik TS

Karthik T.S