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Join us for three days of bite-size virtual content November 3-5 2020


Now is the time to revisit your Open Banking strategy as Canada’s Department of Finance has signalled its potential to play a pivotal role in the country’s economic recovery


Dave Forestell
Dave Forestell
Vice President, Office of the CEO, Scotiabank
Dave Forestell serves as Vice President, Office of the President and CEO, at Scotiabank. He has held senior positions in government and private sector. He worked overseas in Chile and Venezuela and speaks fluent Spanish. While in Chile, Dave led corporate affairs and corporate social responsibility for several mining projects and served as Chair of a Joint Venture Board of Directors. Dave Forestell was appointed to the AGCO Board of Directors in December 2018 and is currently Vice Chair. He is currently serving as a Board Member of the Ontario College of Art and Design University. Mr. Forestell obtained his B.A. and LLB from Western University.
Sue Britton
Rizwan Khalfan
Lisa Shields
Senator Colin Deacon
Rami Thabet
Kristy Duncan
Andrew McFarlane
Andrew Moor
Eytan Bensoussan


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Tuesday 3rd


Pushing the pedal to the metal in Open Banking innovation- panel brought to you by Symcor

Open Banking has the opportunity to change the face of the Canadian financial services landscape as we know it. In a post-Covid 19 world senior digital leaders and policy makers will provide healthy debate, insight and opinion as the market continues to prepare for the largest digital transformation in a generation at a time that has never been more critical. With the second phase of the Open Banking consultation soon to launch, our panellists will deep dive into the current rate of evolution and field questions on what the Open Banking roadmap might look like as the Government prepares to consult on implementation. Moderated by Parna Sabet-Stephenson, Partner, Gowling WLG



Sue Britton
Chief Executive Officer & Founder, FinTech Growth Syndicate
Dave Forestell
Vice President, Office of the CEO, Scotiabank
Vice President, Digital Product, Royal Bank of Canada
Partner, Gowling WLG
Director of Global Partnerships, ATB Financial
Mayank Mishra
Managing Director; Global Head Digital Channels, Citi
Saba Shariff
Head of New Product Development & Innovation, Symcor


Content to be confirmed

Bill Johnston
VP Data, Analytics, Products and Solutions, Equifax Canada


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USE CASE – From prototype to first mover to consumer adoption

HSBC in the UK has led the way in Open Banking innovation and delivery since the Competition & Markets Authority order came into play in January 2018. Via partnerships and innovation by design the organisation’s Open Banking Director will reveal for the first time the highs and lows of their journey and the challenges they have faced.

Live Q&A will be moderated by Yassir Jiwan, Digital Innovation Lead, Equifax Canada

Hetal Popat
Open Banking Director, HSBC UK

Safeguarding your organization and realizing the benefits of Open Banking

The Canadian Credit Union Association (CCUA) participated in the Department of Finance’s 2019 consultation on the merits of Open Banking. It found that Canadian credit unions are supportive of the introduction of an Open Banking regulatory framework to benefit their members and Canada as a whole.

Here we sit down the Large Credit Union Coalition to bring Open Banking to life as we look to the provinces and their role in the future marketplace.

We’ll discuss;

  1. Modernisation; Open Banking could help reduce the costs of complying with the various regulations that exist
  2. Competition; An Open Banking framework creates competition, providing space for smaller outfits. It could therefore increase Canadians’ awareness of the credit union alternative.
  3. Digitization and Digital ID; Open Banking should be introduced in lockstep with or after the implementation of a cross-sectoral Digital ID system. Doing so will increase trust and better socialize and expose Open Banking to Canadians

Strategy and Programs Director, Large Credit Union Coalition (LCUC)
Gene DiMira
Head of Global Compliance AMLATF Program, Manulife

From Open Banking to Open Data

This session will discuss the expansion of concepts underlying Open Banking beyond the banking context, both in Canada and in a global context.  This will include a discussion of:
    – The Australian Consumer Data Right and to what extent there is a Canadian equivalent
    – Open Banking-like initiatives in other industries, such as the recommendation in respect of Open Data in the Capital Markets Modernization Taskforce Report
    – How Open Banking ties into various “Open Data” initiatives in Canada

Ana Badour
Partner, McCarthy Tetrault
Partner, McCarthy Tétrault LLP

Wednesday 4th


PRESENTATION – Are you ready to take first mover advantage?

In a recent Open Banking survey undertaken by Accenture, it was reported that most Canadians aren’t yet interested in the benefits of Open Banking, although a closer analysis of the data shows that younger people are much keener to share their financial data in exchange for benefits.
“Banks, therefore, should act now to draw up a strategic plan and decide where in the broader Open Banking ecosystem they want to position themselves,” said Andrew McFarlane, Managing Director, Canadian Payments Practice Lead & Global Open Banking Lead.
We welcome Andrew to the stage, who will offer delegates a thought-provoking session which will challenge whether the industry is ready and sufficiently innovative to take first-mover advantage.

Andrew McFarlane
Managing Director, Accenture

USE CASE: Europe’s shining light in digital banking

One of Europe’s ace players in the Open Banking market reveals its ingredients for success when it comes to hurdling regulation and compliance issues, driving adoption and competing at the top of the innovation tree.

Ali Niknam
Founder & Chief Executive Officer, bunq


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EXECUTIVE PANEL DEBATE – Supercharging SME recovery in a post-Covid Open Banking world

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) recently conducted a survey that revealed that while half of small businesses are now completely open, less than 20 percent are earning their usual income for this time of the year. This panel will focus on;

  • Ensuring economic recovery through Open Banking principles
  • Access to bespoke and personalised lending products via Open Banking in other regions has surged- what can Canada learn to build its own plan of attack to combat the economic impact from Covid-19
  • Why wait for regulation? Should we let innovation show us the way to economic success for SME’s?

Former Chief Operating Officer at Payments Canada,
Eytan Bensoussan
Chief Executive Officer, NorthOne
Lisa Shields
Chief Executive Officer, FISPAN

The evolving role of a Credit Union and how Open Banking can play its part

Jag Bhogal
VP of Enterprise Architecture & Technology Innovation, Coast Capital Savings

Thursday 5th


FIRESIDE CHAT with the Open Banking Advisory Committee and Toronto Finance International

We welcome Ilse Treurnicht, a member of the Open Banking committee set-up by Finance Canda to the hot set. Here Jennifer Reynolds, President and Chief Executive Officer, Toronto Finance International will discuss the current state of play with the Open Banking review and dive into some of the high level implementation issues. With a delay to the consultations ongoing due to the impact of Covid-19 we take a look at what this means for the industry and what we can expect next.


Jennifer Reynolds
Panel chaired by: Jennifer Reynolds
President & Chief Executive Officer, Toronto Finance International
Open Banking Government Advisory Committee, Advisory Committee on Open Banking

Panel: Moving the dial forward in Open Banking- panel brought to you by Axway

This unique panel discussion will bring together a collection of handpicked insights from across the banking, Fintech and regulation ecosystems. On the agenda for this session will be:

  • If Open Banking is to materialise in Canada how do we eradicate resistance and in some cases, fear?
  • How do incumbent banks safely and successfully navigate the Open Future?
  • A market driven by innovation- what can we learn from other regions around the globe?
  • Canada provides one of the worlds most vibrant FinTech ecosystems- so what are the challenges facing the market today and how do we overcome them?

Steve Boms
Executive Director, FDATA North America
Eyal Siven
Panel moderated by: Eyal Sivan
Head of Open Banking, Axway
Senior Manager, Regulatory Operations, Wealthsimple
Senator Colin Deacon
Banking, Trade and Commerce Committee, Senate of Canada
Franklin Garrigues
Vice President in Digital, TD


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USE CASE – Europe’s leading Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP)

In June 2018 Token made history by becoming the first licensed Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) to conduct an end-to-end payment through a public bank API. Since inception Token continues to set the pace in the Open Banking playing field connecting in with the highest volume of banks globally. Here its CEO will take delegates on a journey from concept to delivery.

Todd Clyde
Chief Executive Officer, Token

Open Banking in Canada – an update with TD’s Chief Digital leader, Rizwan Khalfan

Over 12 months on from our last chat, Open Banking Expo sits down with Rizwan Khalfan to take a look inside recent developments at TD as we get the lowdown on the recent aggregator announcement with Finicity and what it means for one of Canada’s major players. Hailed a huge step towards an Open Finance model we’ll let Mr Khalfan set the scene.

Rizwan Khalfan
EVP, Chief Digital and Payments Officer, TD Bank

CLOSING KEYNOTE: Make Open Banking a reality now

Canada’s Banks are an essential pillar of a prosperous and inclusive economy.  Open Banking is a way to ensure the industry supports the growth of Canada’s economy in the years ahead.  Andrew will explore some of the public policy concerns around a central message that now is the time for all of us to move the agenda forward and make Open Banking a reality.

Andrew Moor
Chief Executive Officer, Equitable Bank


"An excellent, focused event with a strong cross-section of perspectives from the bank, regulator and fintech communities."
Eyal Sivan, former Head of Strategic Platforms, CIBC
"An excellent primer, thought provoking and informative."
Andrew Obee, President & Chief Executive Officer, The Ficanex Group of Companies
"A meeting of top leaders and pioneers to share their expertise in Open Banking."
Jenny Salazar, Product Manager, TD Bank Group
"Focused topics and discussions."
Roy Kao, former Managing Director, MaRS Fintech, MaRS Discovery District