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A global payments network built on modern bank rails.

Banked powers real-time payments for consumers, businesses and banks, improving the customer experience, payment security, business efficiency and cost effectiveness - a better way to take payments and make payments.

For businesses: A new payment method offering your customers a fast and secure way to pay directly using their bank. Payments arrive to your bank account instantly and in full, helping with cash flow and reconciliation. Making payments as a business is also faster and secure. Banked payments allow the transaction costs to be significantly lower than other payment methods, reduce fraud costs and are simple to integrate with modularised capabilities tailored to your business. From payment links and checkout buttons to value add services for rewards and refunds, Banked has an end to end experience to suit your business.

For consumers: A faster, simplified payment experience at checkout or wherever you need to pay. No need for card details or payment information to be stored on browsers or with merchants, making sure that your data and privacy is kept safe and secure. No hassle of account set up and delivering direct communication with your bank allowing you to check funds as you pay.

  • Customer loyalty
  • Instant payments
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