Using Intermediaries – Industry Report 2022

Open Banking Expo and Equifax are pleased to bring to you a new report titled Using Intermediaries exploring how Open Banking is being utilised in the intermediary market, based on our joint survey findings, with key industry players also lending their insights.

Open Banking in Canada: Gauging Consumer Readiness in association with EQ Bank

Open Banking Expo has once again teamed up with EQ Bank to bring you fresh insights in our latest joint report.

OBE_EQ Future of Open Banking in Canada Report

Future of Open Banking in Canada report in association with EQ Bank

What is the future of Open Banking in Canada? Open Banking Expo, in association with EQ Bank, has sought to discover what’s next, as Canada reaches a crossroads in its Open Banking implementation journey. In this report, we reveal the findings of our joint survey which had responses from across…

Equinix 2019-20 Tech Trends Survey

Equinix continue to explore global IT leaders’ views on the trends, challenges and opportunities shaping businesses around the world.

Report – Central Bank Digital Currencies for Beginners

Central Bank Digital Currencies for Beginners – A Quick Guide into CBDCs from our media partner, The Paypers.

Powering digital leaders

Report: The most powerful thing you can do to ensure success is to build an infrastructure that creates digital advantage.

2020: A transformational year for Banking as a Service

Download the latest report from Open Banking Expo and Equinix on the future of Banking as a Service, industry opinion and insight along with the analysis from the event survey conducted in 2020.

Report: Nesta Challenges – Open Up 2020 Challenge

The report has been produced to explore these insights and summarises the Open Up 2020 Challenge which was run in partnership by Nesta Challenges and the Open Banking Implementation Entity.

The Global Open Banking Report 2020

The Global Open Banking Report 2020, brought to you by The Paypers, has been released! Please download your free, printable PDF copy

Report: Businesses predicting big returns from Open Banking investment, aiding COVID rebuild

Study finds many businesses held back by misconceptions around Open Banking and data privacy.

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