Report: Placing Open Banking at the heart of your digital transformation

Download the latest Open Banking report provided by Sandstone Technology.

Whitepaper: Unleashing the power of Open Finance

Fast forward and download Yapily’s recent whitepaper to learn how the market could soon come of age, as it explores further innovations into the wider Open Finance space.

Report: Beyond Open Banking by Bud

Recently released Open Banking report from UK based Fintech, Bud looks at a move to an Open Finance world.

Report: Open Insurance white paper

This report takes a deep dive into developing and defining a common and open standard for the sector using a community approach.

Report: The Paypers launches its 2019 Open Banking report

The Paypers has launched Open Banking Report 2019, which strives to offer the freshest and most robust insights into the global Open Banking landscape.

Whitepaper: Turning transactional data into insight, by Experian

How will your company utilise the transactional account data that the Open Banking will make available? How will it apply meaning to that data?

Report: Innovation, smart data and the drive to customer-centricity

This report delineates how key data-driven approaches enable firms to use digitization to improve customer-centricity, successfully service the SME sector, and deliver winning customer service with smart data, analytics and machine learning.

Report: Key trends in digital payments markets and strategic infrastructure

Industry report provided by Equinix looking at the trends currently shaping the global digital payments space.

Whitepaper: NDGIT launch global Open Banking whitepaper

NDGIT invite you to tap into its expertise and discover how flexible infrastructure can open up bank data, accounts and systems to create customer experiences that put banks at the heart of the new ecosystem

Report: Publication of Consumer Priorities for Open Banking

A new report (link a bottom of story) is published today which shows Open Banking could realise £18bn value for people and small businesses in the UK over the course of a year. The report highlights the complex challenges ahead to realise this value and sets out a series of…