Insight: The importance of Open Banking-enabled payment solutions in the public sector

Pay360 by Capita’s Stephen Ferry writes about why the public sector must play catch-up with the private sector when it comes to Open Banking payments.

Q&A: BBVA’s Ana Climente Alarcon on why PSD3 will be ‘transformative’

Ana Climente Alarcon, head of Open Banking at BBVA Spain, reveals why the panel she is taking part in at Open Banking Expo Europe later this month, ‘The open journey to PSD3’, is such a hot topic.

Q&A: Nethone’s Hubert Rachwalski on achieving frictionless payments without compromising security

Hubert Rachwalski, CEO of Nethone, busts the myth that frictionless payments and transactions cannot be achieved without skimping on full anti-fraud capabilities.

Q&A: Raidiam’s Ralph Bragg on creating an Open Banking ‘ecosystem-in-a-box’

Ralph Bragg, co-founder of Raidiam, explains how its technology helped the UK deliver secure Open Banking transactions and how it played a fundamental role in enabling Brazil to realise its “Open Data dream”.

Q&A: Cogo’s Jane Michotte on the role of banks in the climate crisis

Jane Michotte, head of customer success EMEA at Cogo, explains why banks are in a unique position to be able to help create positive environmental change at scale, and what it means to her to be see green fintech on the agenda at the Open Banking Expo Europe Confex 2022.

Insight: Creating harmony through common standards

Finastra’s Abhishek Sharma writes about the implementation challenges banks need to overcome before they can reap the benefits of ISO 20022.

Q&A: Nicole Kramer of Greenomy explains why collaboration is needed to tackle climate change

Nicole Kramer, sustainability analyst at Greenomy, reveals what she is looking forward to hearing discussed at the Open Banking Expo Europe Confex in September.

Insight: Open Banking is gaining momentum in the UK

Neil Williams, chief technology officer at LendingMetrics, writes about why Open Banking’s time has finally arrived.

Q&A: DB’s Joris Hensen on why bank APIs are ‘essential’ for customer-centric solutions

Joris Hensen, initiator and co-lead Deutsche Bank API program at Deutsche Bank, explains what he is looking forward to hearing about at this year’s Open Banking Expo Europe Confex.