Insight: What does 2022 hold for Open Banking and Open Finance?

Nesta Challenges’ Catherine Thompson makes four predictions for UK Open Banking and Open Finance in 2022.

Barclays announces payments tie-up with SAP

Insight: As 2022 looms, will Open Banking payments make another breakthrough?

Open Banking Expo caught up with Todd Clyde, CEO, Token to get his view on whether 2022 really will be the year we remember A2A becoming the primary payment method for loading digital wallets.

Q&A: Axway’s Eyal Sivan on why Canada needs ‘practical steps’ and ‘not just talk’

Eyal Sivan, head of Open Banking at Axway, explains why ‘strong leadership’ is only part of the way to get Open Banking over the line in Canada, and what it can learn from Brazil’s implementation journey.

Insight: How fintech is facilitating the future world of work

A new report finds a third of businesses are crying out for freelancers – but can’t pay them on time. Sonovate’s Richard Prime explains which fintech trends are helping businesses to accommodate the rising freelance demographic.

Q&A: Symcor’s Saba Shariff on getting Open Banking in Canada over the line

Saba Shariff, head of new product development and corporate strategy at Symcor, tells Open Banking Expo what needs to happen in the next six months to move consumer-directed finance forward in Canada.

Q&A: Creditspring’s Neil Kadagathur on demystifying credit scores

Open Banking Expo’s Ellie Duncan caught up with Neil Kadagathur, co-founder and CEO of Creditspring, to find out how the firm is meeting the needs of historically underserved near-prime borrowers and why credit scores are his ‘bugbear’.

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Tradeshift Go’s Mason Burr writes about why small businesses might want to make the move from plastic to virtual cards.

Blog: What happened at Open Banking Expo UK?

As the Open Banking ecosystem reunited at Open Banking Expo UK in London yesterday (4 November), discussions centred around partnerships, payments and potential, as Ellie Duncan reports.

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Volt CEO Tom Greenwood explains why variable recurring payments are the most significant development in Open Banking to date.