Insight: Preventing payment fraud

Emma Lovell, CEO of the Lending Standards Board, writes about the increased risk of APP scams and what the industry can do to protect consumers.

Insight: Participating in the next economic boom

Open Banking can help everyone benefit from the post-pandemic recovery, according to Jason O’Shaughnessy of Envestnet | Yodlee.

Insight: Learning to love the Black Swan

MoneyNetint CEO Yishay Trif says the pandemic has heralded the era of remote working, prompting businesses to reach new markets and meaning that frictionless international payments are more important than ever.

Insight: The ‘butterfly effect’ in payments

Modulr’s Gavin Waddell explains how addressing the inefficiencies within back-end technology processes can have a huge impact on front-end outcomes.

Insight: What next for Australia’s CDR?

1 July 2021 will mark the one-year anniversary of the consumer data right (CDR), so where is Australia on its Open Banking journey?

Banking the unbanked

Insight: The consumer credit tightrope

Harry Hughes of the Lending Standards Board considers credit necessity versus choice and explains how to identify the two.

60 seconds with the Bank of England’s head of future technology on ‘taking CBDC seriously’

Will Lovell, who is responsible for looking at how new technologies are influencing the financial system, explains where digital currencies can make a difference.

60 seconds with Sveriges Riksbank’s senior economist on the potential of CBDC

Johan Schmalholz is also currently acting as a payments advisor at the e-krona division of Sveriges Riksbank and is one of the speakers at the Central Bank Digital Currency event in April.

Insight: Dapi’s Mexico launch

Dapi hopes that by increasing the accessibility of financial technology, it can help develop the fintech ecosystem in Latin America.

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Plaid and Codat partner to improve small business lending in the UK

It is hoped the partnership will help SMEs access the tools they need to manage their finances effectively.