Merchants are adopting VRPs to combat high card fees

Card fees are driving merchants to embrace variable recurring payments as an alternative payment method.

GoCardless boss celebrates shared vision of Nordigen founder

Chief product and growth officer at GoCardless, Duncan Barrigan, and CEO and co-founder of Nordigen, Rolands Mesters addressed delegates at Open Banking Expo UK last month.

Regulation risks smothering BNPL market

Upcoming UK regulation governing BNPL providers will help silence critics but must be carefully calibrated so as not to stifle the expanding market.

Volt to expand into Australia

Volt has announced its hotly anticipated expansion into Australia has been tabled for the first quarter of 2023.

Financial institutions encouraged to help consumers

Consumers are planning to borrow larger amounts amid rising inflation, despite a lack of trust between customers and financial institutions.

Secure digital identity data to bolster GDP, providers told

Better security of digital identities could enhance systems enrolment and bolster GDP growth.

Cut SME financing gap in half through Open Data, regulators told

Enabling secure sharing of SME data could half the sector’s £22 billion funding gap and boost the UK’s gross domestic product, but it relies on government and regulatory intervention.  

Metaverse set to revolutionise banking landscape

As the metaverse shifts away from gaming and music, banking could be the next beneficiary.

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