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FISPAN’s contextual business banking platform makes it simple for banks to offer business banking services embedded within ERP and business applications. FISPAN enables banks to provide a best-in-class business banking experience by removing friction and adding value to how clients operate their business.

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Tearsheet names the Bank / Fintech Partnership Awards winners for 2020

Ecosystem Award

J.P. Morgan and FISPAN: Treasury Ignition – powered by the J.P. Morgan and FISPAN partnership

J.P. Morgan launched Treasury Ignition through its partnership with FISPAN, bringing a comprehensive set of J.P. Morgan capabilities directly to its clients’ Enterprise Resource Planning systems.

Through its partnership with FISPAN, J.P. Morgan has been able to quickly deliver a solution to enable its clients to access J.P. Morgan products and services directly within their ERP systems.

When the bank decided to pursue this solution with FISPAN, it kicked off a proof of concept to design the product and solicit client feedback. They worked together to integrate client feedback into the initial pilot product that launched in July 2018.


What is Embedded Banking and Why Do Banks Need It?

Banks have always strived to be where their clients live. We see that everywhere we look when it comes to consumer banking, with ATMs, online, and mobile banking. Consumer banking experiences have become easy to consume within the context of the consumer’s daily life. But, on the other side of the coin, business banking has not caught up. These expectations cross over into business banking users, and banks know this is where there is work to be done. Banks can provide these next-gen experiences to their business clients too, by providing banking products and services where they manage their day-to-day business. Namely, in their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and accounting software.

ERP systems enable many things for a business, including accounting, sales, supply chain management and more, but banking integration is missing. A banking integration would allow access to the bank’s products and services embedded within the ERP or accounting software.


FISPAN to Double Its Staff as Banks Respond to Acceleration of Digital Commerce Demands

FISPAN has been working with some of the largest banks in North America to simplify the business banking experience in order to better support its commercial clients, with a lens on small- and medium-sized business owners to help them navigate through these critical times. It is the only company that enables banks to easily connect their legacy systems to their business banking clients’ accounting systems in order to offer integrated digital banking, trade, and payment solutions.

FISPAN is experiencing continued growth moving into 2021:
- FISPAN banking partners collectively hold $8 trillion in assets and include eight of the largest banks in North America
- Funding will be used to continue to double down on the experience of existing customers and to expand FISPAN’s bank customer base outside of North America to include Asia-Pacific and Europe
- Now hiring software developers, business analysts and customer service representatives


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FISPAN Wins Best in Show for Demo at American Banker's Small Business Banking Conference in L.A.

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