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As well as giving consumers a complete view of their finances through secure Open Banking technology, Snoop provides data-driven, personalised insights (‘Snoops’) to help customers save money - both on their bills and their overall spending. Research shows that inertia costs consumers £12 billion per year – this is known as the loyalty penalty. To put this into context, 8/10 consumers end up over-paying for at least one essential service, for example on their energy, mobile, mortgage, insurance, or broadband bills. To combat this, each day Snoop creates a unique feed of money-saving ideas, 100% personalised based on an individual’s banking data. By helping customers to switch to better deals across their household finances, at exactly the right time, Snoop can help people line their own pockets, not boost the profits of big business. We estimate that the average UK household could save £1,500 per year and the Snoop app has already been downloaded over 250k times since April 2020. Ultimately, we aim to make everyone better off by helping people make the most of their financial data and by transforming traditional services like retail banking, money management and price comparison into something genuinely helpful for customers.

  • Account information service provider
  • Data aggregation
  • Data insights

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