Open Banking Expo UK & Europe Stages

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Main Stage - Day One & Two

Join the most influential main stage conversation on Open Banking in Europe. This is where the leading influencers, stakeholders and the sharpest innovators share what is coming for Open Banking. How is PSD3 going to make a difference? How are the industry rethinking payments? What are the expert predictions and recommendations for 2023 and beyond?

With these pressing questions, breaking news and sector challenges being discussed by Europe’s leading Open Banking experts and regulators, immerse yourself in inspirational insight, case studies, actionable numbers and industry updates on every aspect of the Open Banking scene to help you build the future.

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Customer Vulnerability Stage - Day One

This stage will explore the latest developments in collections strategies, including digital debt management, financial inclusion, tackling APP fraud and identity verification. Dive into the implications for Consumer Duty across the ecosystem, including how to approach embedding compliance within your organisation and the impact of Open Banking on debt collection. With financial security, economic wellbeing, building trust, and user empowerment at its heart, this stage supports approaches to aid your business predict and prevent vulnerability in your payment processes.

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Open Finance Stage - Day One

Explore Open Finance and its transformative power for both consumers and businesses. Examine the current state of Open Finance, evaluating accomplishments to date and pinpointing which obstacles are hindering its growth. Experts will provide updates on the JROC roadmap, unpick the critical themes that will steer Open Finance toward safety, scalability, and economic sustainability. Join us for an unfiltered conversation to help you unlock the Open Finance potential.

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Women in Open Banking Stage - Day One

Supercharging the careers of all those who identify as female, the Women in Open Banking stage has an enriching line up of sessions covering critical topics including bias-free culture, entrepreneurship, and mentorship, the latest trends and initiatives to increase females in leadership. Hear from successful thought-leaders in the industry and discuss how we can continue to break down barriers for women in Open Banking, play your part in driving equity, and the future skills and talent management requirements financial services.

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Retail Stage - Day Two

Open Banking offers a retail revolution in opportunity. From personalised, frictionless customer experiences and streamlining payment processes, and empowering banking operations across the business side.

Featuring honest and open conversation this stage will host tangible use cases and insights into how Open Banking unlocks new ways of doing business. We will also uncover how to tap into customer data and behaviours better to improve channel and transaction volumes, whilst reducing risk for financial products and helping retailers drive success. Delve into the retailer psyche to influence adoption, stay ahead of the curve and meet customers' evolving needs in a digital-first world.

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Payments Stage - Day Two

Join us as we journey towards instant, interoperable, and frictionless payments. Discuss the burning questions that need to be resolved and addressed as we transition to the future of finance.

What business models should be capitalised? How will the value chain be restructured? Which products, experiences, solutions, and providers will come out on top? How will the new compliance measures affect existing payments infrastructure? How do we unlock mass consumer adoption?

Supercharge your knowledge on these and other questions, as we delve into the latest developments in Open Banking payments, and the opportunities and challenges for consumers and merchants alike.

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Future Stage - Day Two

Explore the exciting possibilities and potential of the open future for every industry and Open Banking stakeholder. Examine how to scale customer permissioned through open data by aligning with end-user platforms. How are regulations influencing how you play and build in the sandbox? Unpick the lock on forward strategy, commercial business model opportunities and dive into emerging technologies including ChatGPT, blockchain and beyond.