Raidiam hires Jamie Leach as Open Data strategist

Ellie Duncan,
07 Dec 2023

Raidiam, creator of data-sharing ecosystems, has appointed Jamie Leach as Open Data strategist to boost its presence in the Australasia and Asia-Pacific regions.

Leach is regional director of FDATA Australasia and the founder of Open Data Australia, and was recently hired as a strategic adviser to Smarter Contracts.

Jamie Leach

Jamie Leach joins Raidiam as Open Data strategist

She also regularly advises and represents the public sector and private clients on data strategy, privacy and protection, governance practices, and data quality.

“As a data technologist at heart, my passion is about exploiting its transformative potential, particularly the sharing of quality data to enhance experiences or to create greater efficiencies,” said Leach.

“In my role as Open Data strategist, I look forward to working with our clients and communities to support them in maximising the value of their data and leveraging it in a privacy-centric, transparent, and fit-for purpose manner.”

Barry O’Donohoe, Raidiam’s co-founder and chief executive officer said that Leach is joining its “growing team of eminent experts”.

“A trusted adviser by many, she is known and highly respected around the world for her deep knowledge and understanding in the field of data sharing,” he added.

“As a global organisation active in a number of markets, having Jamie based in Australia further expands our presence in that region and enables us to support more clients in their own digital transformations.

“This is a key time in the region, in particular for Australia as the country continues to develop and roll out the Consumer Data Right and capitalise on the benefits and opportunities of Open Data and digital identity.”

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