‘Tap to Pay’ on iPhone available to Adyen US customers this year

Ellie Duncan
11 Apr 2022

San Francisco-based Adyen has revealed it is working with Apple to offer ‘Tap to Pay’ on iPhones for its US customers later this year, to “create even better in-person” payment experiences.

Adyen’s US customers will be able to use their iPhones to accept contactless credit and debit card payments, with no requirement to purchase or manage additional hardware or payment terminals.

The fintech confirmed that using an iPhone XS or later and a supporting iOS app, Tap to Pay on iPhones will mean businesses can accept contactless payments using their iPhone, including payments via Apple Pay, contactless credit or debit cards, or other digital wallets.

“In-person payments are evolving and customers are asking for a reliable, affordable, and easy-to-scale mobile payment solution with a simplified integration,” said Kamran Zaki, COO at Adyen, who added offering the solution on iPhones “made sense”.

“With many businesses increasingly equipping their employees with iPhones to better serve their shoppers, this product will further streamline the checkout processes for shoppers. Tap to Pay on iPhone is going to be a great solution for our customers looking to create even better in-person experiences,” Zaki said.

“This builds on our longstanding support for Apple Pay since 2014 which we enable for online and in-store transactions globally. We’re excited to continue working with Apple to enable another easy and secure payment solution with Tap to Pay on iPhone.”

Adyen is also working with enterprise customers and commerce platforms, including Lightspeed Commerce and NewStore, to bring the feature to even more businesses, with NewStore soon to pilot the new capability with its customer Vince.

Stephan Schambach, founder and CEO of NewStore, added: “By bringing Tap to Pay on iPhone to our growing list of shared customers, NewStore and Adyen will provide a more convenient, seamless, and secure payment experience for both associates and consumers.”