Vivid Money rolls out top-up feature with Yapily

Ellie Duncan
16 Jun 2021

Open Banking infrastructure provider Yapily has partnered with Berlin-based neobank Vivid Money to power a free top-up feature that will make it easier for the bank’s customers to transfer money from almost any bank account to their “Vivid pocket”.

The new feature means that customers of Vivid Money will not need to enter their details manually to transfer money.

Vivid Money said that it chose to partner with Yapily for its “smooth and secure connectivity to our users’ bank accounts across Europe”.

Using Yapily’s Open Banking technology, Vivid can send payment instructions to the bank its customers choose to initiate the payment, which customers will then confirm in their banking app and will save all accounts for future top-ups.

Alexander Emeshev, co-founder and CEO of Vivid Money, said that the launch of the new feature would satisfy customer demand and is being rolled out across all its markets – Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

“Thanks to our partnership with Yapily, we are now able to offer this feature. This is only the first step of a broader roll-out of various ways, topping-up Vivid users’ pockets. We aim to make banking easy for our customers,” Emeshev added.

Stefano Vaccino, founder and CEO of Yapily, said: “Open Banking has disrupted payments and we are seeing many innovative companies, like Vivid, embrace this technology to improve the experience and convenience for their users.

“We look forward to building and scaling a successful partnership together as we continue to focus on powering Vivid in further European markets.”