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Digital Identity Net is an innovative digital identity company connecting consumers, banks and businesses. Their OneID® solution provides simple and frictionless online onboarding, authentication and verification processes for businesses, dramatically simplifying the customer sign-up journey and combating fraud. OneID® enables everyone to manage their online identities, simplifying and securing their digital lives. Find out more at

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WEBINAR: Trends & Transformation: How to keep up with your customers in 2021

This webinar will present new and illuminating research findings, revealing the extraordinary shifts in behaviour and the likely long term impacts they will have for your business. After attending, you’ll have…

• Uncovered new and trusted market research data
• Explored the challenges currently transforming the digital customer experience
• Discovered innovative, practical solutions to enhance your eCommerce strategy, whilst securing your customer’s transactions online, reducing fraud and improving customer conversion

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Digital Identity and Its Role in Safer Payments

Better digital identity solutions are helping tackle challenges for businesses, banks and individuals across a variety of use cases, from faster onboarding to safer authentication. But what role does digital identity have to play in safer payments? Find out in this article, featured in The Fintech Times, by Digital Identity Net's Content Lead, Fiona Jones.


Why Digital identity is a key catalyst to accelerate economic recovery

In a world where increasingly we learn, work, entertain, access health and financial services and support online, there is an equally increasing need for businesses to adapt and re-focus on their digital customer engagement and experience. Find out why digital identity is a key catalyst to accelerate economic recovery in this article, featured in Business Reporter, from Digital Identity Net CEO Martin Wilson.