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Circit is an audit evidence collection platform for firms to verify the world's assets at source. We help teams save time - on processes, tracking request statuses and collaboration with evidence providers. Firms using Circit deliver higher quality audits by elevating the client experience and streamlining direct from source collection.

The Circit platform is a fully integrated suite covering a range of products to facilitate audit, forensics, tax and funds use cases. The platform offers confirmations, client collaboration, transaction level third-party evidence and a matching engine. With a focus on security, we offer a directly regulated platform to connect all stakeholders seamlessly.

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Open Banking & Audit: Frequently Asked Questions

From conversations with our customers and contacts at leading audit firms, we have noticed some frequently asked questions around Open Banking that keep coming up. How can Open Banking improve and boost, audit processes and capacities? We’ve compiled three common questions here, along with their answers.

1. How can Open Banking help eliminate wrong or incomplete information?
Incomplete or incorrect information can really throw a spanner in the works during and at the end of audit: when this issue is identified, additional time will need to be spent on acquiring the information or rectifying what is already there. For example, clients may not disclose all bank accounts or business entities right away, meaning extra time and effort is spent on ensuring completeness of information.

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