10x Banking collaboration with Mast ‘rethinks’ UK mortgage lifecycle

Ellie Duncan
11 Jan 2024

A new partnership between 10x Banking and cloud-native mortgage origination platform Mast aims to shake up the UK mortgage industry, by providing lenders with “streamlined” data exchange.

The partnership between the transformational cloud-native Software-as-a-Service core banking platform and Mast will enable real-time connectivity between the two systems.

Joy Abisaab, chief executive officer of Mast, which specialises in the UK market, said: “We are thrilled to collaborate with 10x and provide seamless integration for UK mortgage institutions.

“Together, we empower UK lenders to unlock new levels of operational efficiency and enable the delivery of exceptional customer experiences.”

In addition, the collaboration has produced an API integration guide on 10x Docs for UK mortgage lenders, covering a range of integration scenarios specific to the UK mortgage market, including product creation and account onboarding.

Frederico Venturieri, vice president and global head of go-to-market and partnerships at 10x, added: “This partnership represents a key milestone in how we support the transformation of the UK mortgage and building societies markets.

“This integration will enable customer-facing innovation that rethinks the mortgage lifecycle using cloud-native tools, unlocking new growth opportunities for our clients.”

Back in November, 10x teamed up with Ozone API to offer banks globally an “Open Banking in a box” solution, removing the need for institutions to build and manage Open Banking APIs in-house.