Online payments

Aero Commerce partners with Ordo

10 Oct 2023

Source: Ordo press release

Ordo, a leading Open Banking Payments-as-a-Service provider, has seamlessly integrated into the Aero Commerce platform. This strategic partnership marks a transformative moment for e-commerce, unlocking the full potential of Open Banking payments to benefit Aero merchants, web agencies, and consumers at minimal cost.

The Open Banking revolution

Open Banking isn’t just a trend; it’s a seismic shift in financial transactions. Over 7 million people are now using innovative Open Banking-enabled products for payments, with the UK leading the way. As Ordo joins forces with Aero Commerce, web agencies and retailers can enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • Seamless checkouts: Empower customers to make payments directly through their online banking. Payments are effortlessly initiated via tokenised links or QR codes, ensuring a superior level of security that benefits both businesses and customer
  • Cost savings: Ordo offers commission-free Open Banking payments, saving businesses 80% or more compared to traditional card payments. No more expensive per-transaction fees, markups and setup costs when using Ordo with Aero Commerce Platform
  • Immediate settlements: Ordo ensures immediate and irrevocable payments directly into the merchant’s bank account, improving cash flow management.
  • Chargeback elimination: Since Ordo’s Open Banking payments are instant and irrevocable, the chargeback risk is eliminated, putting you in control of refunds.
  • Refund control: Open Banking by Ordo gives you full control over refunds, simplifying the process.
  • Plug-and-Play integration: Ordo’s integration into AERO Commerce eliminates the need for retailers to incur additional integration expenses. The onboarding process is straightforward and hassle-free, consisting of a simple plug-in within the payment platform. Retailers and web agencies can easily download the AERO package and connect their beneficiary account to start receiving payments.
  • Enhanced customer loyalty: Shoppers love the speed, security and convenience of Open Banking payments that make entering card or account details a thing of the past, and businesses no longer have to worry about storing sensitive information reducing the regulatory burden and fraud risk.

Speaking on behalf of Aero Commerce, Scarlett Reeves, Head of Brand and Marketing, explains: “Our partnership with Ordo is a source of great pride for us. As a leading ecommerce platform, it’s important that we’re providing our retailers with a range of payment solutions. Ordo’s open banking solution offers numerous distinct advantages for our merchants, and we’re thrilled that Aero retailers can now leverage the Ordo solution. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Ordo team and look forward to furthering our partnership.”