APImetrics and tomato pay partner for API dashboard launch

Ellie Duncan
14 Jul 2021

APImetrics and tomato pay have partnered to launch an independent production monitoring dashboard, the first of its kind for open banking APIs.

Called API.expert, the dashboard will provide performance metrics of the top 30 regulated open banking brands in the UK.

tomato pay, a QR-code-based payments app for businesses, will provide its open banking connections for this dashboard.

API.expert will come at a charge of $80 a month and include data on sandboxes and open data APIs.

Subscribers will be able to use the dashboard to monitor performance data on production systems from UK banks.

APImetrics and tomato pay plan to expand this coverage to other providers and geographies in the coming months.

David O’Neill, CEO of APImetrics, said the dashboard had been designed to give customers greater visibility.

“Any ecosystem is only as strong as its weakest providers, but customers only see the app in front of them, not the different API services behind the app, each of which is potentially a weak link,” he said.

“That’s critical for tomato pay, but also critical for their customers and any other providers and consumers in the new open banking and payments ecosystem.”

tomato pay CEO Nick Heller commented: “The API.expert dashboard allows for greater transparency into the APIs that make open banking function and gives service providers an immediate pulse on service uptime and connection quality.

“By leveraging tomato pay’s robust open banking connections in the UK, API.expert will provide financial institutions and technical service providers with the critical data they need to better serve customers.”