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Asset finance startup Simply taps Open Banking data through AccountScore

03 Feb 2020

AccountScore, one of the UK’s leading Open Banking platforms, today announced that it has enabled Simply to capitalise on the benefits of open banking by providing the lender with an API to further enrich the lender’s underwriting data sources.

When integrating this with the data that is available through Open Banking, Simply is able to speed up processes and provide customers with a both a better and safer experience.

Simply was founded in April 2017 in response to the need for innovation and disruption in the asset finance sector. Simply prides itself on having implemented the most forward-thinking and flexible technology to enhance its customer-facing proposition, and provide customers with a better, faster, simpler, more efficient service. This is the first step in Simply’s affiliation with AccountScore – additional phases in the partnership will enhance Simply’s ability to further elevate its customer journey by aggregating data from different sources.

Andy Trimmer, head of technology, Simply commented: “As a business that doesn’t look at scorecards – we consider a company’s whole story in making a lending decision – it is vital to ensure that we have a rich data set on which to base our lending decisions. By working with AccountScore we look to change the way we do this by tying all relevant data together through a single integration and giving our customers a quick decision without asking unnecessary questions or requesting physical documents. This leaves us free to help our customers achieve their all-important goals.”

Emma Steeley, CEO of AccountScore commented on the partnership: “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Simply and are thrilled to be bringing the data-driven intelligence of open banking to its asset finance product. We look forward to working with Simply and helping it maintain its position at the forefront of innovation within the asset finance sector.”