Brite Payments partners with EV charging platform

Ellie Duncan
01 Feb 2024

Instant bank payments provider Brite Payments is working with Sweden’s Northe, an electric vehicle (EV) charging platform, to simplify the reimbursement process for leasing companies and improve the user “charging experience”.

Since its inception in 2020, Northe has established an “extensive network” of public, semi-public and private partners, providing drivers with an all-in-one platform that automates the management of their EV charging needs.

Northe’s charging app enables customers – whether individual or business – to access thousands of charging stations and, in the process, removing any friction in the payment and reimbursement process.

Initially, through the new partnership, Brite’s ‘Instant Payouts’ feature will give leasing companies a “streamlined way” to reimburse drivers for home EV charging.

The collaboration will also see Northe use Brite’s Open Banking-enabled ‘Data Solutions’ to verify account holder information for reimbursements.

Abdulwahid Ahmed, chief operations officer at Northe, said that its mission is to solve the charging issues that many fleet operators and EV customers encounter, which “threaten to hold back the transition away from fossil fuels to greener alternatives”.

“With Brite, we can give leasing companies the tools they need to simplify the reimbursement process and give users a more seamless charging experience,” added Ahmed.

The partnership comes at a time when the EV sector in the Nordics continues to face significant infrastructure challenges, specifically around commercial EV fleets and EV rentals.

“Northe is proof that Nordic companies are tackling the challenges of EV transformation head on, with innovative solutions that help facilitate the green transition,” said Sebastian Pruszynski, vice president, business development at Brite Payments.

“We’re excited to be supporting Northe’s mission, starting with our Data and Instant Payouts solutions, to make EV charging services simpler and more intuitive.”

Northe, which secured funding last year, has plans to expand geographically, to serve more European markets.

“Brite gives us the reliability and scalability we need to confidently enter new markets and supercharge the capabilities of our all-in-one platform,” Ahmed said.

In 2023, Brite also secured funding, raising $60 million in a round led by Dawn Capital, to accelerate its geographic expansion.