Click2Check partners with AccountScore to launch Open Banking solution for the mortgage market

08 Oct 2020

Open Banking platform, AccountScore, has partnered with fintech company, Click2Check, to provide the mortgage advisory market with a unique, comprehensive solution called Credit Assess. This new solution provides pre-qualifying information and delivers a thorough understanding of each customer’s unique financial circumstances.

By utilising Open Banking, the new online tool for mortgage advisers is able to deliver faster, more accurate credit and financial assessments of applicants, thereby significantly reducing the time required to evaluate an applicant. It enables instantaneous, thorough analysis of a consumer’s Open Banking and credit report data while facilitating identity validation through Equifax.

By delivering an accurate evaluation of lending risk to mortgage advisers within minutes, Credit Assess ensures the adviser has everything to hand before the advice process begins, and expectations about the success of applications can be managed from the outset.

David Jones, Director of Credit Assess, said: “Understanding the full picture of a client’s financial situation has never been so important, especially given the COVID-19 environment we are all living through and the impact this is having on incomes. By working with AccountScore, Credit Assess can ensure advisers have access to the client’s banking data, which along with the credit report, means they can provide advice in the round, based on the true nature of their finances. It provides greater efficiency and ensures advisers are able to present the most suitable advice first time, rather than face any surprises further into the process.”

Ahmed Amin, Head of Sales, AccountScore, commented: “We are very pleased to be partnering with Click2Check and to be playing a vital part in bringing this innovative platform to hundreds of brokers to enable them to deliver the right products for their clients whilst streamlining the mortgage application process.”