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CRIF Realtime Ltd to provide its Credit Passport® products to ELITE companies

08 Sep 2020

Source: CRIF Realtime


CRIF Realtime Ltd is pleased to announce a collaboration to provide its Credit Passport® products to companies in ELITE, London Stock Exchange Group’s (LSEG) global business support and capital raising platform for fast growing private companies. The ELITE community includes over 1400 innovative small and medium sized companies from 45 countries, all of whom are committed to building on success and preparing for the next stage of growth.

Credit Passport®, a credit report based on real time, secure, Open Banking data, will be provided free to all new companies joining ELITE in the UK. Credit Passport® will be available for new and existing ELITE companies to subscribe to on an ongoing basis. The report provides companies with the ability to present a more accurate picture of their financial performance and helps lenders to speed up their decisioning process for companies seeking access to funding.  The value of these benefits cannot be underestimated in a post-Covid economy where proving business resilience will be integral to achieving success.

Glen Keller, Chief Product Officer, CRIF Realtime, commented: “We are delighted to be working with ELITE and its UK companies, helping them meet their business needs during these unprecedented times.  Our Credit Passport® credit report will support the ELITE community, making it easier for members to navigate the post-Covid economy and realise their business objectives.  We are confident that it will make a real difference to ELITE companies as they focus on further developing and expanding their businesses.”

ELITE helps businesses prepare for, structure and fund their next stage of growth.  It is committed to fostering innovation, enhancing growth and developing job creation opportunities.  To date, ELITE companies have generated over €101 billion in combined revenues and created over 580,000 jobs.

A leader in the fintech sector, CRIF Realtime is committed to developing open banking enabled products that deliver benefits to the UK’s 5.9 million SMEs.  In addition to its credit report, the company has developed Covid-19 Credit Passport® Tools, a comprehensive suite of products free for all SMEs that provide the ability to present a more accurate picture of a business’ financial performance and viability – pre, during and post the Covid-19 pandemic.  These tools can also be used to streamline the lending process for businesses applying for finance.  CRIF Realtime continues to innovate, using the latest technology, to help SMEs unlock their full potential.