Emirates NBD launches API sandbox

07 Nov 2018

Emirates NBD API sandbox is now live setting the stage for collaboration in an Open Banking environment.

The API sandbox makes Emirates NBD more accessible to developers with API technology. This will boost the bank’s role in accelerating the region’s innovation ecosystem as well as creating increased value for its customers and partners.

The Open Banking platform combines APIs with the Emirates NBD datasets. In addition to collaboration, this gives developers access to extremely valuable data.

Emirates NBD API sandbox set to drive open and transparent partnerships

In a bid to create meaningful  propositions in the banking space the platform will encourage collaboration to develop new ideas.

Group chief operating officer at Emirates NBD, Abdulla Qassem, commented, “Our focus is to co-create and build new business models. These will offer pioneering solutions, all the while bringing new and differentiated experiences to our customers and employees.”

“The Open Banking sandbox environment will be a game-changer and will enable, simplify, and accelerate innovation for the bank’s employees, and partnerships with fintechs, start-ups, creative developers, academia and SMEs, ensuring faster speed-to-market on digital banking products and services.”

Chief digital officer at Emirates NBD, Evans Munyuki, said, “We will now provide a lucrative opportunity and offer the right tools for enterprising FinTechs and developers to turn their creative ideas into real working prototypes which we then test with real customers, as opposed to showcasing ideas only as multipage documents and slides.”

The Emirates NBD API sandbox platform consists of over 200 APIs and 900 end points. It covers retail, corporate and SME business lines. Developers also have access to over three million simulated customer transactions based on the BIAN (Banking Industry Architecture Network) model.

Furthermore, the bank has been accelerating its digital offerings throughout the year. In September 2018 Emirates NBD launched a chat banking service in the UAE through WhatsApp.

The bank has integrated its core systems with the WhatsApp Business solution. This enables customers to carry out their day-to-day banking tasks.

Source: Verdict