Habib Bank AG Zurich gears up for PSD2 with Salt Edge

17 Oct 2019

Source: Salt Edge press release

The PSD2 API of Habib Bank AG Zurich went live on 13 September. This API is developed by Salt Edge for Habib Bank AG Zurich to enable new open banking capabilities and provide full PSD2 compliance.

Habib Bank AG Zurich has chosen Salt Edge for fast and efficient implementation of the PSD2 regulatory requirements for interfaces. Habib Bank AG Zurich’s PSD2 API is developed to allow end-users to initiate payments and gather data from their accounts, using third party applications. With the help of Salt Edge, the bank was among the first ones to successfully provide its sandbox API for testing by TPPs according to the timeline set by the European Banking Authority. Now the API is live and has a wide range of the required services and functions including secure connection of TPPs, TPP developer portal, TPP verification, bank dashboard, and much more. With the comprehensive documentation, TPPs can seamlessly integrate with the interface of Habib Bank AG Zurich.

The functionality of Salt Edge’s PSD2 compliance solution fully meets the PSD2 requirements, including strong customer authentication and dynamic linking, applied for remote payment transactions and other types of authorization. Salt Edge puts a special emphasis on safety of end-users, so the solution provides streamlined user experience with advanced protection. It is easily deployed and requires minimal adjustments on the bank’s side to follow the official regulation, as Salt Edge has a vast experience in the solution’s implementation with 60+ launched PSD2 sandboxes.

“Salt Edge’s aim is to make open banking actually work. We’re here to help clients like Habib Bank AG Zurich to become fully compliant with PSD2 in less than a month and to move to a truly open and transparent banking, going beyond the basic API set. Salt Edge intends to help banks and fintechs not only with meeting the requirements, but with further competitive advancement in developing new products for their clients,” commented Dmitrii Barbasura, CEO at Salt Edge.