Italy’s illimity switches on Open Banking platform

17 Jun 2020

Italian digital bank illimity has introduced electronic scooter-sharing firm MiMoto and fitness tracker Fitbit as the first partners for its Open Banking-based collaborative ‘Hubs’ offering.

In illimity Hubs customers can now utilise the services provided by the partners on the platform and activate services in synergy with banking operations.

The Fitbit hub is designed around the creation of spending plans and points that are linked to the number of steps that clients take. Through MiMoto, users can find available scooters through a Geomapping function, obtain expense reports for the journeys they have made or acquire a co-branded MiMoto electronic debit card.

Carlo Panella, head of direct banking and chief digital operations officer in illimity, comments: “In full Open Banking logic we have created a unique platform that enables customers to access the apps of non-financial partners of excellence in an ecosystem that is advanced in terms of both what is provided and the interconnected user experience.”