Lending marketplace Aro forms new partnership

Ellie Duncan
07 Feb 2024

UK-based lending marketplace Aro has formed a partnership with Equifax to deliver a new credit card and loan solution for Equifax Marketplace.

The new solution will allow consumers to compare credit cards, secured loan and personal loan products and to search for a financial product that meets their needs.

By using “soft” credit searches, consumers will be able to compare a range of credit products, without their credit scores being affected.

Emma Steeley, chief executive officer of Aro, said that the new partnership with Equifax will continue to promote financial empowerment.

“We’re pleased to be supporting Equifax to embrace innovation, transparency and data-driven insights, which will bridge the gap between lenders and borrowers to drive forward financial inclusion,” she said.

Emma Steeley

Aro chief executive officer Emma Steeley

“Our mission is to redefine the lending landscape, ensuring that the power of our personal credit matching technology benefits everyone on their journey towards financial prosperity.”

Aro currently offers credit options to customers from more than 70 UK lenders, using machine learning models to match consumers to the right products.

William Napier, product and marketing director for consumer solutions at Equifax UK, added: “Delivering the best value to our customers and empowering them to make the best possible financial decisions is at the heart of everything we do.

“A partnership with Aro felt like a natural progression for Equifax to deliver a better user experience for our customers.”

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