Moneyhub extends Open Finance coverage in Ireland

25 Aug 2020

Source: Moneyhub


Open Finance data and intelligence platform Moneyhub has expanded its solutions in Ireland as part of its digital journey to further develop across Europe and other regions. Enabling Irish alongside other European businesses to seize the growth and innovation opportunities offered by off-the shelf white label solutions and API access from major banks and financial services providers. Moneyhub is continuing to extend its Irish connections suite for business and personal accounts with additional providers including Allied Irish Bank (AIB), Bank of Ireland, First Trust, and Ulster Bank as part of its Open Finance connectivity platform.

Providing businesses and consumers access to previously inaccessible financial data in one centralised location while also initiating account-to-account payments, Moneyhub unlocks the power and potential beyond Open Banking. Moneyhub is currently the only provider which facilitates seamless integrations with not just banks but the widest breadth of financial institutions including pensions, investments, loans, mortgages, savings, property values, and of course bank accounts and credit cards, setting the standard for the Open Finance ecosystem.

As a result of Moneyhub’s expansion of its proposition, businesses across Ireland can now benefit from Open Finance Data Aggregation, Data Enrichment, Categorisation, Analytics and Actionable Insights. Providing a holistic view on consumers’ financial data is the foundation of true customer understanding. Powerful analytics and smart, actionable insights allow businesses to deliver unique hyper-personalised experiences based on customers’ unique financial habits and needs.

At a time when every penny counts, Moneyhub is proud to deliver continued value to its API clients by increasing its available connections to Ireland, ensuring businesses can take full advantage of the platform’s ability to initiate account-to-account payments at a fraction of the cost of traditional card-based payment methods.

Sam Seaton, CEO of Moneyhub commented: ‘Building on our established Open Finance reputation in the UK, we are proud to be further strengthening our Irish proposition, helping business transform and grow at a time when they’re under real pressure. With Moneyhub’s development continuing to flourish throughout 2020, we look forward to expanding our solutions throughout other key markets to align with the needs of our current and future clients. Open Finance is changing the financial landscape before our very eyes, and we are hugely excited to be expanding the frontier.”