Smarter Contracts appoints Leda Glyptis as strategic adviser

Ellie Duncan
13 Nov 2023

Leda Glyptis has joined Smarter Contracts, which built consent and permissions management platform Pulse, as a strategic adviser.

She is the former chief client officer at 10x Banking, the founding chief executive officer of 11:FS Foundry and the chief innovation officer of Qatar National Bank, and has also previously worked at BNY Mellon, in a variety of innovation and transformation roles.

Leda Glyptis

Leda Glyptis, strategic adviser at Smarter Contracts

Glyptis currently sits on the board of Flagstone IM as a non-executive director and serves as a strategic adviser to cloud-based technology platform Incuto.

“Successful businesses share three common factors: Firstly, they address genuine market needs, which Smarter Contracts unquestionably does,” said Glyptis.

“Secondly, they foster a cohesive team that combines the right attitudes and aptitudes from the outset, making culture a priority. Smarter Contracts is fully committed to this.

“Lastly, they establish a framework for making decisions and managing trade-offs as they scale. The Smarter Contracts team is now focused on this endeavour, and I am honoured and privileged to be part of their journey and provide support moving forward.”

Wayne Lloyd, founder and chief executive officer of Smarter Contracts, said: “I’m extremely proud that we’re able announce Leda is joining our team as a strategic adviser. Without a doubt she is one of the most inspiring individuals I know, and someone I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for.

“Leda’s experience will be invaluable to the future successes of our company and the experiences we strive to provide to our customers every single day.”

He added: “Her human-centric approach to technology aligns perfectly with our core values as a business, whilst her shared passion for upgrading the plumbing that powers the financial services industry is a core objective of why we built Pulse.”

Listen to Leda Glyptis discussing her book, ‘Bankers Like Us: Dispatches from an industry in transition’, and why digital transformation is such a challenge for banks, on the Open Banking Expo Unplugged podcast.