Smarter Contracts welcomes Ghela Boskovich as Strategic Advisor

28 Nov 2023


Smarter Contracts, a leading innovator in data privacy and consent and permissions management, is thrilled to announce the addition of Ghela Boskovich to its team. Ghela brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, spanning open banking, fintech collaboration, and advocating for ethical data democracy.

Boskovich currently serves as the Head of Europe for the Financial Data and Technology Association (FDATA), where she has made significant contributions to the advancement of open banking and finance regulation, business models, and delivery. Her remarkable career has been marked by a commitment to fostering inclusiveness and diversity in Financial Services.

In her previous roles, Boskovich played a pivotal role in fast-tracking internal innovation and driving the practical application and commercialization of fintech and bank collaboration. Her current focus is on promoting an ethical data democracy, empowering individual consumers over their data, disrupting data economy business models, and facilitating the adoption of emerging technologies within banks.

Commenting on her new role at Smarter Contracts, Boskovich emphasised the importance of consent management in the era of open and smart data economies, “The first principle of regulated ethical data sharing is consent; consent is what makes permissioned data sharing possible. Consent management will be the key to unlocking all open and smart data economies and the value the end customer expects from sharing their data. Control over permission and consent becomes increasingly complex the more open industries become interconnected. It is a privilege to work with Smarter Contracts as they continue to solve for consent management and empowerment.”

As strategic advisor, Boskovich’s deep knowledge and experience of Open Data will be used to deepen and enrich features of Pulse. Additionally, as the company continues to play a pivotal role in transforming the landscape of regulated data sharing, Boskovich’s strategic guidance will undoubtedly contribute to Smarter Contracts ongoing success.

Wayne Lloyd, Founder and CEO at Smarter Contracts states. “As one of the most knowledgeable and respected members of the financial services community I’m delighted and extremely proud that Ghela has made the decision to join the Smarter Contracts team as a strategic advisor. Ghela shares our vision and passion for consent-based data sharing and has deep knowledge and experience of how the Open Data initiatives are being rolled out around the world. Her knowledge and first-hand experience of the problems Pulse® can solve, fused together with her passion for the approach we have taken to solving them, makes Ghela the perfect addition to an increasingly world-class Smarter Contracts team.”