Transfer Galaxy has teamed up with Intergiro for cross-border banking

Ellie Duncan
21 Dec 2023

Swedish fintech Intergiro and digital money transfer service Transfer Galaxy have partnered to launch cross-border digital banking to make it easier for foreign-born nationals in Europe to send money abroad.

The new cross-border digital banking experience is powered by Intergiro’s Banking-as-a-Service platform and means that Transfer Galaxy can offer users the ability to bank within their remittance platform.

According to Intergiro and Transfer Galaxy, integrated wallets provide users with a centralised and secure space to manage their funds, making it easier to track and control their transactions.

Individuals can send money via bank transfers, debit cards and mobile wallets, and can also track their transactions, manage their accounts online and access services such as currency exchange, bill payment and mobile top-up.

“Every transaction is more than just money; it’s a sentiment, a memory,” said Yosef Mohamed, chief executive officer of Transfer Galaxy.

“This isn’t just about technology; it’s about bringing people closer. With Intergiro, we’re ensuring these moments are cherished, bridging distances with every transfer.”

Gustaf Hult, head of sales at Intergiro, which is based in Stockholm, added: “Our collaboration with Transfer Galaxy is a testament to fintech’s potential — not just in advancing technology but in touching lives.

“Together, we’re putting the user’s journey, emotions, and needs at the forefront.”