TreviPay launches ‘Universal Acceptance’ solution with Mastercard

Ellie Duncan
22 Jan 2024

B2B payments and invoicing network TreviPay has launched a new solution in partnership with Mastercard that will enable suppliers to extend TreviPay’s trade credit financing and invoicing to business buyers.

Suppliers that accept Mastercard will be able to extend net terms, or trade credit financing and invoicing, to business buyers through TreviPay’s new ‘Universal Acceptance’ solution, using Mastercard’s commercial card payment capabilities.

It means that the TreviPay platform can now be implemented for suppliers via the original API integration of the platform directly into the seller’s point of acceptance, or without API integration, by using Mastercard’s global acceptance network.

Given that the new TreviPay solution makes use of Mastercard’s global acceptance network and commercial card payment capabilities, suppliers will be able to provide approved buyers with a net-terms card for purchasing.

The TreviPay platform automatically delivers invoices directly to the merchant’s buyer, removing any costs typically associated with chasing outstanding or late payments.

“TreviPay’s technology was developed to eliminate the complexities of B2B purchasing and create a consumer-like purchasing experience, while still catering to the needs and requirements of business buyers,” said Brandon Spear, TreviPay’s chief executive officer.

“Joining forces with Mastercard to launch the Universal Acceptance solution marks an industry milestone in expanding access to TreviPay’s solution, a leading B2B payment method of corporate sellers and their buyers globally.”

He added: “Together, we are revolutionising how businesses can transact by bringing flexible extended payment terms to more buyers.”

Rebecca Meeker, senior vice president, global partnerships and segments at Mastercard, said: “With a shared vision to bring consumer-grade convenience to B2B transactions, we are proud to deepen our collaboration with TreviPay as they facilitate variable financing options, seamless invoice reconciliation and faster settlement when using cards on our network.”

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