Volt joins forces with Ekko to tackle plastic in oceans

Ellie Duncan
20 Dec 2023

Global real-time payments platform Volt has formed a partnership with embedded sustainability fintech Ekko, giving consumers and retailers the opportunity to support the removal of plastic bottles from the ocean at checkout.

By teaming up with Volt, Ekko will be able to plug into payments being initiated across the UK, Europe, Brazil and Australia.

Ekko also provides real-time tracking to measure the environmental impact of payments.

Consumers paying with Volt at checkout can choose to remove a plastic bottle from the ocean, with a real-time counter then displayed to show how many have been removed to date.

Jordan Lawrence

Volt co-founder and chief growth officer Jordan Lawrence

Jordan Lawrence, chief growth officer and co-founder of Volt, said: “Combining real-time payments with real-time environmental capabilities is the perfect marriage; I’m thrilled for Volt users to gain an accurate representation of the difference they’re making to the planet.”

“We have an incredible role to play in fighting the climate crisis, as financial services impact nearly everything we do,” added Oli Cook, chief executive officer and co-founder of Ekko.

“Working with Volt allows us to expand the horizons of our offering, reaching customers across the world and, ultimately, increasing support for environmental causes by bringing our real-time tracking capabilities to payments worldwide.”

Volt launched in Australia in November, following a $60 million Series B fundraise earlier in the year.

Self-service ticketing platform Megatix was the first merchant in Australia to adopt Volt’s technology.