Industry Survey: Banking as a Service- is it part of your future strategy?

16 Sep 2020

Starting a bank used to be a painstaking process, with many having to craft an entire banking technology stacks from scratch.

Luckily the digital banking boom has given rise to a host of so-called ‘banking-as-a-service’ providers, where banking capabilities can now be rented and spun-up in weeks rather than months.

Household names like Lloyds, Mastercard and RBS are all using banking-as-a-service to build and deploy new features and services without having to develop the technology in-house.

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Recently IBM has found that around 79% of bank executives believe that the adoption of platform-based business concepts will help them obtain a viable competitive edge and ensure better innovation, profitability, and expansion to new markets.

Overall, the value of the global digital banking platform market is projected to hit $8.67 billion by 2027.

We’re working with our industry partner, Equinix to establish views and insight on the future of banking-as-a-service and if the time is now for market growth and how as the current pandemic has potentially expedited this process. The below survey takes about the same time as it will to boil the kettle for your next cuppa… Please complete the survey to receive a FREE copy of the report that will follow with the key data and trends collected from the survey.

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