XFW21 to focus on customers and society

Ellie Duncan
28 May 2021

The agenda for Amsterdam FinTech Week 2021 (XFW21), which takes place in June, will be focused on customers and “what society is expecting from financial services”, with delegates set to hear from companies including Plaid, PayPal, Mambu and Allen & Overy.

The online-only event runs from 4-11 June 2021, and will gather stakeholders and players from across the European fintech space to hear keynote speakers, expert panels, and take part in workshops and start-up pitches.

Holland FinTech, an association for all parties active in financial services innovation with a link to the Netherlands and with 300 company members, has announced that the special guests at XFW21 will be Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands, the special envoy of Techleap.nl, Jan Ceyssens, head of unit at the European Commission and Steven Maijoor, executive director at De Nederlandsche Bank.

Each day of the event will have a theme among ‘global citizens’, ‘born multinationals’, ‘fintech union’ which is focused on Europe, ‘behind the scenes’ and ‘society’s perspective’, covering financial crime and ESG.

Don Ginsel, founder of Holland FinTech, which is a media partner of Open Banking Expo, said: “We are really excited about the response we got from the fintech ecosystem in the Netherlands and across Europe to help shape and participate in the theme-driven program.

“As you can see, the focus on the customer and what society is expecting from financial services is top of mind, and broadly felt as a story worth sharing.”

Ginsel added: “We really believe that our discussions, from financial wellbeing to the latest insights in how to keep financial services safe, social and contributing to a sustainable environment, are essential today. We are certain that many new ideas and collaborations will be born this week, even though it’s happening online.”

Attendees will have access to an online networking area via the event platform, with a place for automated one-to-one meetings.