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Buddy Payment

Buddy Payment is a technology company from Rotterdam. Founded in June 2018, it develops scalable concepts for the social domain. The people behind Buddy Payment have a strong urge to use technology to help people overcome their serious debt problems and get their lives back on track. To this end, Buddy develops innovative products and services for people who need extra help to be self-reliant.

The Buddy App offers a scalable solution for all households within that target group to keep their financial situation stable and prevent the accumulation of debts. The App provides personalised insight and overview, interprets this into bite-sized advice and also performs unburdening actions. This helps the user to remain financially stable, and to claim benefits or allowances while preventing overspending. With this, Buddy makes the precious help of physical budget coaches and administrators affordable and therefore available to a large group of people in need of help.

The Buddy App combines internet banking with automatic budget coaching. The system gives insights and an overview and automatically budgets for its users. The fixed costs are set aside so that they are always paid and users know exactly what they can still spend. The system uses PSD2 access to determine income and thus tests more than 1,600 local and national social schemes. This way, users always get what they are entitled to. If the Buddy system detects a situation that requires action from the user, the user will receive a push notification with personalized advice.

  • Account information service provider
  • Customer experience
  • Open Banking & PSD2 connectivity

Contact information

Camiel Kuiper
+31 6 34928970