CRIF is the leading provider in continental Europe of consumer and business credit information, and a key global player in integrated decisioning solutions, supporting over 10,500 financial institutions, 600 insurance companies and 82,000 business customers across 50 countries. For the last 25 years in the UK, CRIF has been specialising in decision management, consumer profiling, fraud prevention, open banking and digital transformation solutions.

Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and AISP certified in 31 countries, CRIF enables banks and other financial institutions – including insurers and alternative lenders – to take their digital services to the next level, helping them harness open banking data and advanced analytics to understand their retail and business customers in more detail than ever before, and with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Combining global experience in financial services and credit referencing with the agility and innovation of a fintech, CRIF provides financial organisations with the tools to offer their customers a full and seamless digital journey. From onboarding and evaluation, all the way through to business development, CRIF is enabling organisations to deliver a digital experience that consumers have come to expect, while creating value in a more efficient, effective and customer centric way.

CRIF provides the full digital journey through its range of UK services, including:

• Digital onboarding and identity verification

• Open Banking Suite - from access to account to categorisation and advanced analytics

• Credit Passport - the portable credit file for SMEs

• Budgeting, account aggregation and cashflow management functionalities for consumers and businesses

• End to end digital lending platform

• End to end digital insurance platform

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