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Frollo is a purpose-driven Australian fintech on a quest to help people feel good about money. We help businesses use Open Banking data to deliver better customer outcomes - from reducing debt and increasing savings to getting a better deal on their finances.

The Frollo Open Banking platform consists of the following components, easily configurable and fully integrated:
- Collect: Our CDR Gateway offers fast, easy and reliable access to over 100 banks
- Enrich: Our Data Enrichment API categorises Open Banking transactions, enriches them with merchant data and identifies regular income and expenses
- Money Management: An out of the box solution for personal finance management features (financial overview, budgeting, goals) available via API, SDK or app
- Financial Passport: An Open Banking powered affordability report to streamline lending decisions

Trusted by: P&N Bank, Beyond Bank, Volt Bank, Virgin Money Australia, Bank of Queensland, Canstar

Latest news from Frollo

As the Australian borders open, Open Banking gets ready for takeoff

The State of Open Banking 2021 provides readers with a pulse check of where Open Banking in Australia is up to and what is to be expected over the next 12-months.

The report shows an industry that’s ready for takeoff, as data availability has accelerated, APIs have proven fast and reliable, and businesses are more excited than ever to get started. We explore some of the opportunities and challenges ahead, and provide an update on all the exciting milestones that have been achieved in the 12-months since we released our inaugural report.


Frollo & Beyond Bank partner to deliver Open Banking customer experience

Beyond Bank Australia will use Frollo's CDR Gateway to collect and use Open Banking data.


Two-thirds of Australians want to use Open Banking to switch banks

Open Banking in Australia is ready for take-off. At least, that’s what the industry thinks. After a few years of laying the pipes and setting the groundwork, most businesses are planning to start offering Open Banking powered experiences this year.

But what about consumers? How do they feel about being in control of their data? Do they share the excitement about these new products and services?

We surveyed a group of 1,066 people representing the Australian population (18+) to find out.


  • Data aggregation
  • Data insights
  • Open Banking as a service

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