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Ordo is an Open Banking enabled Payments-as-a-Service platform. We offer a variety of services to businesses of all sizes, from bill payments using our Request-for-Payment solution which can be delivered via secure tokenised links, QR codes or call centres, to face to face point of sale solutions via our QR code functionality, and eCommerce 'pay now' buttons, links or in a businesses own eCommerce website journey. We also have a range of integration options from self-service web and app solutions requiring no integration, to full integration with our easy to use open APIs, a robotics solution for bulk upload capability and integration with Xero, QuickBooks and Sage. Ordo promises to lower your payment costs, has bank grade security keeping you and your customers safe, instant payment with no chargebacks and is easy for your customers to pay with no signup or download needed to use. We are connected to 97% of the banking market and are FCA regulated. Ordo - doing payments right, and making paying and getting paid easy.

Latest news from Ordo

Breakthrough technologies combine Open Banking to create compelling payment option for energy

Bad debt risk is spiralling for energy providers, and economic uncertainty growing for customers, both need a better way to settle energy bills. The solution? Siemens has taken its pioneering Managed Credit solution, already having made an impact, and combined it with payment technology from global IT firm CGI, and Open Banking innovator Ordo. The solution is a compelling. Building on existing smart metering technology, Managed Credit delivers prepayment energy without the cost, and credit energy features without the risk.

Craig Tillotson, Ordo CEO said: “Our research shows that businesses need alternatives to direct debit to serve all their customers at this difficult time. Ordo helps them give customers control, without losing financial control themselves. Our Open Banking enabled services provide a lower cost, safer and more efficient alternative to card and paper bill processing. Now with Siemens and CGI, more partners and customers can benefit from Ordo’s solutions.”


Ordo's secure, low cost payments solutions seamlessly integrated with Xero, Sage and QuickBooks.

This integration allows for communication between Ordo and accounting platforms, saving users valuable time and money. Businesses using QuickBooks, Sage and Xero can now save around 80% on their payment costs as well as save on valuable time, and it's easy to use. With Ordo, businesses can send their invoices in a way that virtually eliminates fraud, and collect payment instantly.

Businesses spend 1-4% on receiving payment, around £6 on a £200 bill; that's a couple of coffees businesses are shouting payment processors on every transaction. And businesses spend nearly 10 hours per week on accounts.

The solution?

Ordo’s Payments-as-Service platform, allowing businesses to send their invoices securely-without the fear of being hacked, collect payment instantly-not 3 working days later as for cards and eWallets, and give their customers control of their payments by showing exactly who they’re being asked to pay, all from a few taps on their phone wherever and whenever they like.


Purposeful Profit company, PFP Energy, & Financial wellbeing FinTech, Ordo, make society better

PFP Energy, proud not-for-profit, and Ordo are making paying and getting paid easy, meaning everyone can control their finances. Lockdown meant: Consumers gave themselves a Financial MOT-80% were worried about money and have cut back, 40% of direct debit users plan to cancel at least one direct debit, with 40% moving to expensive cards and 30% to hard to process bank transfers and cheques, and over 50% of people who cancelled direct debits won’t put them all back once we’re out of lockdown. Businesses that were needing to survive, adjust to working from home, and furloughed employees, were offering a lifeline of payment holidays while their customers financially struggled. With Ordo, both payer and business know they’ve been paid in real time, and the business receives its money instantly in cleared funds, automatically correctly referenced. It's a partnership that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling!


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