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Traditional credit scores are outdated and offer a very limited picture of what people can actually afford right now and in the future. As a result, many people fall into the trap of short-term, high-cost credit or predatory lending that only provides stop-gaps, not solutions. It’s time for a better, more inclusive way to lend, which is where Plend comes in.

Plend is an open-data lender that provides affordable and longer-term loans to our customers across the UK. Our bespoke technology, The PLEND Score® assess borrowers affordability rather than solely relying on the credit score - making our product more accessible, accurate and cheaper.

The PLEND Score® uses open banking to assess a wider range of real customer data, accurately measuring affordability based on tangible figures and patterns. In this way, we are able to provide a more inclusive way to lend, offering a fair alternative to the existing loan landscape, not just for those with black marks against their credit reports, but for everyone.

Latest news from Plend

Plend Social Impact Charter

We have launched our Plend Social Impact Charter which is a set of commitments that ensure we operate in a way which puts our values first. The Charter aims to challenge our business decisions and hold ourselves to account via three commitments, each with a set of promises which builds the foundation of the Charter.‍ The Plend Social Impact Charter is enshrined within our Articles of Association and forms the foundation for how Plend and its Board is governed. Including these values within our articles means it would take a 90% shareholder vote to remove it in the future..


Plend is BCorp Pending

Plend is proud to announce that we’ve submitted our application to join the mission, and are now officially a B-Corp Pending consumer lender. This means that we are committed to demonstrating that we’re an ethical solution to personal lending and that our business, both internal and external, has the procedures in place to prove it.


Financial Inclusion Report: the impact of a cost of living credit crunch

Our ‘Financial Inclusion Report: the impact of a cost of living credit crunch’ focuses on the impact of the cost of living crisis, personal and household finances, and the resulting impacts on access to financial services in the UK. The findings emphasise how badly some groups – such as young people and ethnic minorities – have been affected more by the crisis than by the pandemic, thereby contributing to the increase in financial exclusion of those looking for support.


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