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Raidiam is leading the data sharing revolution, creating smart ecosystems to unlock the value of data for clients, their networks and their customers. A well-designed ecosystem can transform the opportunities that data provides for everyone. Ultimately our mission is to connect every consumer with their data, simply and securely, across every product and service.

Since our inception in 2016, Raidiam has been at the very centre of the world’s most exciting data sharing developments: from designing and delivering the UK’s ground-breaking Open Banking Trust Framework and services; to implementing and operating Brazil’s Open Finance ecosystems. We have taken all we
have learnt and adapted it to deliver ecosystems of all shapes and sizes enabling all types of clients to reap the benefits of a platform-based model. Our ecosystems are enablers of the API economy.

We are trusted partners to corporations, consortiums and regulators around the world, helping them make their digital ambitions a reality and enabling evermore innovative competitive offerings. We look to go above and beyond any regulatory requirements.

Raidiam is the only company in the world to have such extensive experience and expertise.

  • Consultancy services
  • Data sharing
  • Open Banking as a service

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Ralph Bragg
+44 203 504 6440