Andrew Vorster

Having built a solid reputation as a passionate technologist, innovator and disruptor during a decade spent at Visa Europe as Vice President of Technology Research & Development, Andrew has been a familiar face in Financial Services for nearly 20 years.

He recently co-founded Fintech Uncut (FU for short), which is possibly simultaneously the most irreverent, and the most insightful, candid commentary on the Financial Services news of the week that you can watch or listen to.

As an advisor, mentor and commentator on Banking, Financial Services & Fintech, he spends a large amount of his time Horizon Scanning for the “TIPS” (Technologies, Innovations, Patents and Start-ups) behind the trends that drive new business models and shape consumer behaviour in the future.

Passionate about driving change and transformation across multiple industries, Andrew works with both established organisations and start-ups across the world as an Innovation Catalyst, helping them to THINK and BE more innovative in everything they do, by leveraging the range of possible futures fuelled, accelerated and enabled by TIPS.