Gavin Littlejohn

Chairman Financial Data and Technology Association

Gavin Littlejohn serves as Chairman of the Financial Data and Technology Association, the Global Open Banking Trade Association, where he successfully led the campaign to have account aggregation added to PSD2 in 2013.  Through FDATA he is a leader of the Open Banking Movement and campaigns for common technical standards and a consistent liability models across the Globe.

​Gavin was appointed as Convenor of the Fintech Stakeholder Group of the UK Open Banking Implementation Entity in 2016 and is now working with a number of other markets engaged on the same mission.

Gavin is a fintech entrepreneur with experience of developing innovative solutions to mass market problems and is well-renowned as the Founder of Money Dashboard, and acted as its CEO until 2015.

Gavin Littlejohn
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Panel: Global developments in an open finance world