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Herve Robache

PSD2 API Coordinator STET

Hervé Robache has been involved since 1990 in the payments industry, particularly in the clearing and settlement of retail payments. As a computer architect in the former GSIT, he was hired by STET in 2005 to work on the design and specifications of the CORE system, which now provides switching, clearing and settlement services in Belgium and France, for SEPA and national payment instruments, including instant payments. Hervé has also been involved in various standardization initiatives, such as the EACHA interoperability framework and the SEPAmail standard. He is now coordinating the work on the STET PSD2 API with Banks and TPPs and maintains close relationships with other initiatives, BERLIN GROUP and OPEN BANKING UK, as well as with other standardization actors, SWIFT, ISO and W3C.

Herve Robache
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