Jamie Leach

Jamie Leach is a data champion, fintech fanatic, the Domain Lead for Regulated Data at Cuscal, the former Regional Director for Australia/New Zealand of Global Association FDATA and founder of Open Data Australia™. She has experienced a diverse corporate career, holding senior roles across the banking, technology, defence, and telecommunications sectors. Her work on the CDR sees the amalgamation of her extensive financial services career, her continuing work with public policy, analytics, the application of AI and ML technologies, and her passion for increasing the quality and portability of data. Through her thought-leadership on data portability and leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance the customer experience, Jamie has worked with numerous banking brands and international vendors on re-designing and engineering their open banking/open energy solutions and policies. An advisor to the United Nation’s Capital Develop Fund, Jamie’s work includes Digital Identity, Digital Finance, and Financial Inclusion across developing nations, both in technology and policy development.