Mark Hartley

Few voices can better understand and shed light on the cross section of business, technology and banking better than Mark Hartley.

Since the early nineties, Mark has held a wide range of general management, sales, innovation, and strategy roles in the technology industry for the financial services segment. Through his work, he’s able to speak on long-standing issues facing the sector, as comfortably as he can on emerging new trends. Notably, Mark also previously spent a decade in Australia, and is therefore able to help educate the industry on the picture of global banking too.

A renowned innovator and thought leader, Mark has dedicated much of his life’s work to helping develop the concept of Open Banking.

Notably, Mark has played an integral role in the creation of the Open Payment Hub. Likewise, he has also served as the strategic ‘Advisor to the Board of Nationwide Building Society.

He understands how to communicate with older, experienced professionals, but is also well-versed in sharing his experience with emerging figures in the industries he’s most associated with. Mark is a well-known face in the Open Banking sector and can articulate his unique insights across these subjects in a clear, informative and engaging manner.

One of Mark’s latest open banking innovations is BankiFi’s new app launch Revenu, in partnership with TSB. The launch made significant headlines across the industry, sparking exciting conversations around the real-world applications of embedded finance, and the implications for SMEs.